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12/11/2010-UPDATE-Moving Stuff From WWJ My Space Blog to Here

-OK, just about ready to start moving stuff from the WWJ My Space blog to here. A few things… -I’m going to keep the dates as they were posted (I think I can do that here). So if you’re wondering … Continue reading

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11/14/2010-BAND PRIMER-“Did Someone Say…My Space?”

BAND PRIMER NOVEMBER 2010 DID SOMEONE SAY…MY SPACE? -When you’re in a band, you need to have a online presence. A place where you can define who you are & what your music is all about. A place where people … Continue reading

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9/22/2010-VOTING-Vote for me at “Heavy Metal Hotties”-Thanks!

Hi everyone! -I just recently found out that I’m now a contestant at the Heavy Metal Hotties Page on My Space. Each person has 2 votes & votes by leaving 1 comment per vote underneath a contestant’s pic. So far … Continue reading

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2/2/2007-UPDATE-Delays in Replying / Adding Friends

-Hi everyone-just want to apologize for not replying to your emails/friend requests sooner. I’m been very busy and with CAROLINE BLUE playing out every weekend in February, it’s not going to let up anytime soon. In addition, I have a … Continue reading

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10/11/2006-THINKING-Dear My Space / Facebook Teenager…

*NOTE from 2010-This was originally for My Space only, but could just as easily apply to Facebook (or any other social network site)-hence the addition of “Facebook” to the topic title* Dear MySpace Teenager, I am the college entrance examiner … Continue reading

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4/20/2006-THINKING-How Your My Space Page Gets Hacked

How your MySpace Page gets hacked? (From Bonnie) Also known as Phishing. What these hackers do is send you a link in your message on MySpace or email, like check this out or click “here” or anything that’s linkable. You … Continue reading

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-Ok….Normally I’m a pretty private person per say. One of those “you know me, but don’t really know me” types. I’ve mostly used the blog area for stuff like surveys and jokes and other things that are probably violating ZADOC’S … Continue reading

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