12/11/2010-UPDATE-Moving Stuff From WWJ My Space Blog to Here

-OK, just about ready to start moving stuff from the WWJ My Space blog to here. A few things…

-I’m going to keep the dates as they were posted (I think I can do that here). So if you’re wondering why I’m talking about just joining Word Press and have a number of past entries-that’s why.

-There will be some stuff that I WON’T be bringing over-like quizzes and stuff. My early blog posts on My Space were basically me answering quizzes and stuff and posting them on the blog. I don’t think anyone-myself included-cares what “power color I am” or “what god/goddess I am.” I did a number of surveys too back then. What I think I might do in regards to this is put the best replies in 1 long survey and post that. Most of the time, when doing those surveys, I was just posting goofy stuff so maybe someone will get a few chuckles out of it 🙂

-Videos will not be date posted. I can always post them at anytime here-and it’ll be much easier to reference than on My Space.

-That basically leaves posts on hired gun gigs, movies, questions, thoughts, personal stuff and Band Primer articles. What-no CAROLINE BLUE stuff? I might-but I would think that would be more appropriate on a CAROLINE BLUE site than here. We’ll see….at least the interviews…..

-Wish me the best on this! 🙂

About Wayne W. Johnson

Hiya-this is Wayne W. Johnson (WWJ) & thanks for dropping by to my site! I hope you enjoy your visit to my home away from home online. If you have any questions, comments and /or concerns about this site, please let me know via the CONTACT page. Thanks & best wishes to you & yours!
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