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Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 3 in
Physique: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Asian, Caucasian, Mixed
Voice Type: Bass, Baritone


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Long Form

-Wayne W. Johnson is an actor based in Syracuse, NY as well as the singer / guitarist for CAROLINE BLUE-a Melodic Hard Rock Band. Wayne started out performing in school plays during 5th-7th grade. For his 11th grade Spanish class, Wayne filmed a few commercials and a music video. It was during this time he had a choice between the path of acting or music. Wayne chose music and, during his college years, gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Graduating Magda Cum Laude) as well as an Associates Degree in Humanities. Starting out in a number of CNY bands (including Front Row, Four Large Men and Spider Babys), Wayne eventually formed his own band with CAROLINE BLUE. CB has, to date, released two CDs (“Slave to the Hourglass” and “Not For The Innocent”). CB’s songs have been on several CD compilations, music videos and indie movies. Their STTH CD was nominated for a SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Award) in 2006 and CB won the “Rock & Roll Original Band” award in the First Annual Upper State Independent Awards in 2007. After years of focusing primarily on the path of music, Wayne shifted that focus in 2011 towards the path of acting. He is currently best known for his roles as Cornelius in “Night of Something Strange” (Hurricane Bridge Entertainment / SRS Cinema LLC / Virtual Interactive), Dracula in “Tales of Dracula” (Wolfbain Productions) and Draven in “Empire State of the Dead” (SRS Cinema LLC / Mad Angel Films).

Short Form

-Wayne W. Johnson is an actor and singer / guitarist for the band CAROLINE BLUE. Wayne initially started out on several CNY bands before forming CAROLINE BLUE. After years of focusing primarily on music, Wayne shifted that focus towards the path of acting in 2011. He is currently best known for his roles as Cornelius in “Night of Something Strange” (Hurricane Bridge Entertainment / SRS Cinema LLC / Virtual Interactive), Dracula in “Tales of Dracula” (Wolfbain Productions) and Draven in “Empire State of the Dead” (SRS Cinema LLC / Mad Angel Films).

Ten Words

Wayne W. Johnson -actor and singer / guitarist in CAROLINE BLUE.


Wayne W. Johnson is an actor from Syracuse, NY-best known as Cornelius in “Night of Something Strange” & Dracula in “Tales of Dracula.”


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RESUME (select)

For full resume, visit WWJ’s CHRONOLOGY page and / or his page on IMDB. Links to the Productions can be seen on the LINKS page.

NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE-Cornelius / Lead (Hurricane Bridge Entertainment / SRS Cinema LLC / Virtual Interactive)
TALES OF DRACULA – Dracula / Lead (Wolfbain Productions)
EMPIRE STATE OF THE DEAD (Ep. Prey of the Living Dead aka Blessed Are The Meek) – Draven / Lead (SRS Cinema LLC / Mad Angel Films)
ROMEO 3000 – Tybalt / Lead (Mad Angel Films / WWJ Productions)
BRACKISH (2015) – Merlock / Lead (Mad Angel Films)

THE FEDERATION FILES – (ep. – Walking Bear, Running Wolf) Lt. Dawson Walking Bear / Lead (Wolfe Reynolds Productions)
HOUSE SHARK – Darth Squanto / Supporting (SRS Cinema LLC)
LOCKED IN – Knife / Supporting (Hewitt Films)
SLADE COLLINS: IN & OUT OF TIME – Captain James T. Morris / Supporting (Mad Angel Films)
SLADE COLLINS & THE TREE OF LIFE – General Czar / Supporting (Mad Angel Films)

STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES: PHASE II (eps.- Mind Sifter / The Holiest Thing / Going Boldly) – Ensign Dawson Walking Bear / Recurring (Cawley Entertainment / Retro Film Studios LLC)
MOHAWK – Shona’karakehte / Featured (Snowfort Pictures / Dark Sky Films)


For more reviews, plus links to sources, please visit the REVIEWS page.


1-(2018)-Review-“House Shark” (Bryan Kristopowitz)

“…Wayne W. Johnson is hilarious as Darth Squanto. Johnson is physically intimidating and has that badass aura about him, which makes him perfect for the Darth Vader like Squanto character. And Johnson gives it his all right up until he’s eaten whole by the house shark. And that’s too bad because I bet the Darth Squanto could have its own spin-off movie and it would work…”

2-(2018)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-Hewitt Films (Brian Hewitt)

“The one lead actor, Wayne W. Johnson-who I actually personally worked with on my film “Transformation”-was in the film. He plays Cornelius-like this zombie character and…terrifying…terrifying…if you met Wayne, you’d be amazed because the guy is so nice and so cool but, he can pull these characters off like I’ve never seen before…”

3-(2018)-Review-“Mercury Screams” (Todd Martin)

“…The performances are top-notch as well. Wayne W. Johnson does an excellent job as Herd and Sarah Zimmer is equally impressive as Gretchen. They both come off as a believable, grieving couple and I liked the fact that they are sort at the other’s throat to an extent as they both try to deal with the loss of their baby in their own way…I thought that Johnson and Zimmer knocked it out of the park here as they are both likable, relatable, and you can’t help but feel sorry for them after everything they’ve been through…”


1-(2017)-Review-“Empire State of the Dead”-The Rotting Zombie (Daniel Simmonds) (UK)

” … Blessed Are the Meek stars Wayne.W Johnson as a Clockwork Orange style mad man decked out in great looking skeletal face paint…I was looking forward to seeing him in this and he doesn’t disappoint. He is as hammy and over the top as ever, but as always this works so well. The only complaint is that he is so good in his role that he over shadows every other actor in this short with the pure charisma and uniqueness his character displays…”

2-(2017)-Review-“Tales of Dracula”-The Rotting Zombie (Daniel Simmonds) (UK)

“…Johnson has the perfect theatrical voice for this classic villain and he bases his version of course on Lugosi’s portrayal. His voice is indeed great for this role, I was most reminded of the Dracula from the Castlevania video games, there is class and superiority behind his mannerisms. There are some iconic moves he pulls as the count, my favourite being the cape pulled up close covering most of his body so just his eyes peer out. The make-up for him (and the bride of Dracula) looks really good and mixes with the black and white footage amazingly….”

3-(2017)-Review-“Empire State of the Dead”-Cinehouse (Sandra Harris) (UK)

“…I’ve seen the long-haired Wayne acting in several horror films by now (BRACKISH, TALES OF DRACULA, NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE and now EMPIRE OF THE DEAD) and in each film he displays an extraordinary comic talent as well as the fear factor, proving that there’s more than one string to his bow…. Wayne is a magnificent showman. Having carefully viewed his performance in EMPIRE STATE OF THE DEAD, I actually think he’d do a brilliant job of playing a deranged and deviant ringmaster or Master Of Ceremonies of a super-sick Circus of Freaks/Horrors in a Rob Zombie-esque film about same. Directors in general, take note. Casting directors in particular, start your engines…”

4-(2017)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-Cinehouse (Sandra Harris) (UK)

“…Wayne/Cornelius goes on a rampage, anyway, spreading icky zombie-rapist disgustingness everywhere he goes. Wayne is brilliant at being a zombie (he’s already a well-known horror actor who’s starred in films like BRACKISH and TALES OF DRACULA), but he’s a really decent comic actor as well, to give him his due….He’s enjoying himself hugely in this film, hamming it up as a terrifying zombie villain and not minding at all when the script calls for the utter mutilation and defilement of his extraordinary good looks…”

5-(2017)-Review-“Empire State of the Dead” (Simon Rother) (Canada)

“…in addition to Wayne W. Johnson (“Night of Something Strange” (2016), “Tales of Dracula” (2015) in the role of Draven, the maniacal leader of his trio of social misfits. Johnson, especially, is very entertaining to watch on-screen, possessing much potential in using his voice and facial expression for much more in the future of his acting career…”

6-(2017)-Review-“Empire State of the Dead” (Barbara Torretti) (Italy)

“…Also interesting is  “Blessed are the Meek” by Matthew A. Peters, enhanced by the performance of Wayne W. Johnson (Cornelius in “Night of Something Strange” ), here in the role of Draven, the leader of the trio of psychopaths. Johnson in fact completely fallen in part, manages to steal the attention of the viewer becoming the focus of interest of the story…”

7-(2017)-Review-“Brackish”-The Rotting Zombie (Daniel Simmonds)(UK)

“…Best actor of the movie though goes to Wayne W.Johnson (Night of Something Strange) as main bad guy Merlock…I came to love his performance, he became the stand out character with some genuinely funny moments (the toothpicks!)… A real highlight every single time he came on screen…”


1-(2016)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-411MANIA (Bryan Kristopowitz)

“…Wayne W. Johnson is super intense as Cornelius, the first zombie. When his face starts to melt and turns into a giant mass of goo, flesh, and some kind of infection, his naturally gigantic physical frame becomes absolutely terrifying. And considering that the guy wants to rape you, good God, what the hell are you going to do? What can anyone do?…”

2-(2016)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-Apocalypse Later (Hal C F Astell)

“…it was the film on everyone’s lips this year and it won’t take much to explain why. In fact, I can just explain some of Wayne W Johnson’s role as Cornelius and you’ll get the picture. He’s not the star of the movie, though he is the first person we see and he continues to show up throughout. He’s just the actor who gets to do the most outrageous things, even without a heck of a lot of screen time. I can’t think of another part in any movie that does as much, even if we don’t correlate to time on screen. If we do that, he’s in a league of his own…”

“…Cornelius reappears at points to do something else utterly outrageous, as if he’s determined to be a drinking game…”

“…everything keeps on coming back to Cornelius. Sure, Dirk’s really the hero of the piece but he’s only the hero just as Pam’s the nympho and Jason’s the dweeb and Freddy’s the clown. It’s Cornelius who’s going to show up on most of those YouTube shares because he gets almost nothing to do except prompt us to ask, ‘Oh my God, he’s not going to do that?’ and then do exactly that. Over and over again. Straiton spoke well about his film but I want to read an interview with Wayne R Johnson about why he chose to do this and what he sees his legacy as being…”

3-(2016)-Review-Night of Something Strange” (The Black Saint)

“…Personally, I liked Mr. Johnson’s performance as Cornelius most of all. He doesn’t have any lines (just a lot of screaming/grunting), but every time he pops up he’s a bit more physically damaged, and what I liked about his performance is that his pain was evident every time he appeared. He just gets angrier and angrier, and hornier too. He’s like a gore splattered version of the Incredible Hulk…”

4-(2016)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-Fangoria (Ken W. Hanley)

“…But special praise should be given to Wayne W. Johnson, Kirk LaSalle, Janet Mayson, and Kera O’Bryon as the film’s creeps, delivering largely tongue-in-cheek physical performances.”

5-(2016)-Review-Night of Something Strange”-The Outre Eye of Daniel XIII (Daniel XIII)

“…As strong as the writing and direction from are; this film really benefits from the sheer amount of quality practical gore and make-up effects, and the menacing performance of Wayne W. Johnson as the lead monster Cornelius; he’s a true presence, and is amazingly game for all of the truly fucked up (and I mean fucked up) things this role asked of him!…”

6-(2016)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-Cinema Crazed (Emilie Black)

“… The best “monster” actor here is Wayne W. Johnson as Cornelius. He throws all his being into the part and gives a performance that adds a good physicality to his monster. He makes him imposing and threatening…”

7-(2016)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-Horror Society by Blacktooth

“…I also really enjoyed Wayne W. Johnson’s performance. He portrayed one hell of a villain and really brought the horror in the film. I could see his character becoming a tattoo one day if I still have enough visible skin…”

8-(2016)-Review-“Night of Something Strange”-Gruesome Magazine (John Slattery AKA Doc Rotten)

“…Wayne W. Johnson is Cornelius who spends most of the film performing horrendous acts of malfeasance…He dives into every despicable display with wicked abandon…”


1-(2015)-Review-“Tales of Dracula”-The B-Movie Film Vault (Jordan Garren)

“…Wayne W. Johnson is fantastic and imposing as Count Dracula; he commands your attention whenever he’s on the screen…”

2-(2015)-Review-“Tales of Dracula”-Dreadmedia Podcast #410 (Desmond Reddick)

“…One of the strongest performances comes from Wayne W. Johnson. He plays Count Dracula. I think he does a fantastic job; in fact, one of the best performances in the film…”

3-(2015)-Review-“Tales of Dracula”-Videoscope Magazine #96-Fall 2015 Issue (Dan Cziraky)

“…Johnson’s spin on Dracula is more Frank Langella than Bela Legosi, but he has the mannered menace of an aristocratic vampire down pat…”