On this page is the listing of all acting / filming projects WWJ has done / appeared in (listed in chronological order)-including Film, TV, Theater, Industrial, Commercial, Voice Over & Music Videos. This listings are from most current down.


2017-DOCUMENTARY-Juggernaut-Joseph Crow / Principle
2017-TV SHOW-The Federation Files-Season 1, Episode 2- “Walking Bear, Running Wolf”-Walking Bear / Lead
2017-VOICE OVER-Starship Swiftwind-Season (formerly Star Trek Absolution) 1 Episode 3-“Any Port in a Storm”-Lt. Kal-Del / Supporting


2016-FEATURE FILM-“Drive” (Episode-Relationships)-Officer Brian Skinner / Supporting
2016-FEATURE FILM-“House Shark”-Darth Squanto / Principle
2016-SHORT FILM-“Bataille De Sang”-Dracula / Lead
2016-FEATURE FILM-Mohawk-Shona ‘Karakehte / Featured
2016-FEATURE FILM-Empire State of the Dead (Blessed Are The Meek / Ch. 5-Prey of the Living Dead)-Draven / Lead
2016-SHORT FILM-Buried-Legs / Principle
2016-SHORT FILM-New Riots-Sage / Supporting
2016-TV SHOW-Star Trek New Voyages:Phase II-Episode “The Holiest Thing” (Director’s Cut)-Walking Bear / Recurring
2016-TV SHOW-CNN-Story about Star Trek New Voyages (click HERE to see)- Walking Bear / Recurring
2016-VOICE OVER-Star Trek: Absolution-Season 1 Episode 2-‘The Galaxy Just Got Smaller-Part II’-Lt. Al-Kel / Lt. Kal-Del / Supporting


2015-WEB SERIES-At The Indies-Part 3 of 3 of Ep. “Jason A. Covey’s Top 15′-Choice / Clip #2
2015-WEB SERIES-At The Indies-Part 2 of 3 of Ep. “Jason A. Covey’s Top 15′-Choice / Clip #8
2015-FEATURE FILM-American Dresser-Bouncer / Featured
2015-FEATURE FILM-Romeo 3000-Tybalt / Lead
2015-COMMERCIAL-Old Parr Whiskey Spec Commercial-Biker & Businessman / Lead
2015-FEATURE FILM-Planewalker-Reaper / Principle
2015-SHORT FILM-G.Khan-Genghis Khan / Lead
2015-MUSIC VIDEO-Others-‘Heart of Darkness’-Dracula (Tales of Dracula)
2015-VOICE OVER-Star Trek: Absolution-Season 1 Episode 1-‘The Galaxy Just Got Smaller-Part I’-Lt. Kal-Del / Supporting


2014-FEATURE FILM-AKA Alice-Bryce / Principle
2014-FEATURE FILM-Brackish-Merlock / Lead
2014-TV SHOW-Star Trek New Voyages:Phase II-Episode “Mind Sifter”-Walking Bear / Recurring
2014-SHORT FILM-Locked In-Knife / Supporting
2014-VOICE OVER-Empire State of the Dead / Blessed Are The Meek-Draven / Lead
2014-FEATURE FILM-Empire State of the Dead / Blessed Are The Meek-Draven / Lead
2014-MUSIC VIDEO-Hobo Graffiti-‘Landing’-Bouncer / Featured
2014-SHORT FILM-The Switch-Covey / Featured (uncredited)
2014-FEATURE FILM-Zillafoot-Dr. Mosku / Supporting
2014-SHORT FILM-The Ferryman-Buddy / Lead
2014-FEATURE FILM-Slade Collins 2: In & Out of Time-Captain James T. Morris / Supporting
2014-SHORT FILM-Dying To Survive-The Killer / Lead


2013-SHORT FILM-Briarwood-Hunter / Supporting
2013-SHORT FILM-Memory-Mark / Supporting
2013-VOICE OVER-The Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School-Narrator
2013-THEATER-Night of the Living Dead-Ben / Lead
2013-LIVE PERFORMANCE-Booville in BVille-Horace Merkins / Supporting
2013-SHORT FILM-Losing Grace-Father Casey / Lead
2013-FEATURE FILM-Slade Collins & The Tree of Life-Czar / Supporting
2013-TV SHOW-Star Trek New Voyages:Phase II-Episode “The Holiest Thing”-Walking Bear / Recurring
2013-FEATURE FILM-The Vampire-Varg / Principle
2013-FEATURE FILM-Tales of Dracula-Dracula / Lead (Title)
2013-SHORT FILM-Iris-Covey / Featured


2012-MUSIC VIDEO-Pokerface-‘Tarot Cards’-Demon / Fortune Teller
2012-TV SHOW-Super Knocked Up (Season 2 / Ep.10)-Rampage / Extra
2012-SHORT FILM-Coming Home-Vox the Enforcer / Supporting
2012-THEATER-Swamp Road Terror Halloween Live Event-Horace Merkins / Supporting
2012-FEATURE FILM-Battle Dogs-Protester, Contagious, Soldier, Airport Passenger, Victim, SWAT Member / Featured Extra
2012-WEB SERIES-Failman Ep. 9-Randy (Taco) / Series Regular
2012-WEB SERIES-Failman Ep. 8-Randy (Taco) / Series Regular
2012-WEB SERIES-Failman Ep. 6-Randy (Tonto) / Series Regular
2012-WEB SERIES-Failman Ep. 5-Randy (Tonto) / Series Regular
2012-FEATURE FILM-The Dollmaker-Roy / Principle
2012-FEATURE FILM-The Dollmaker-Horace Merkins / Supporting
2012-FEATURE FILM-Transformation-Malachi / Supporting
2012-WEB SERIES-Pickle Talk-Ep. 1-Vox the Enforcer / Interview
2012-THEATER-Drums Along The Mohawk-Hon Yerry Doxtader / Supporting
2012-THEATER-Drums Along The Mohawk-Joseph Brant / Understudy
2012-INDUSTRIAL-First Students Bus Instructional Video-Driver #1 / Lead
2012-SHORT FILM-Addict-Thug & Zombie / Extra
2012-FEATURE FILM-She Kills-Saltine Warrior / Featured
2012-SHORT FILM-Spud-Clark / Supporting
2012-VIGNETTE-Star Trek New Voyages:Phase II-“Boldly Going”-Walking Bear / Recurring
2012-TV SHOW-Star Trek New Voyages:Phase II-Episode “Bread & Savagery”-Walking Bear / Recurring
2012-WEB SERIES-F.I.T. To Survive Web Series-Zombie / Featured
2012-FEATURE FILM-Half Dead-Vox The Enforcer / Supporting
2012-FEATURE FILM-Creeping Crawling (‘Bugger’)-Office Worker / Extra (uncredited)
2012-WEB SERIES-Failman Episode 4 “Rainbow Fart Blast”- Randy (Tonto) / Series Regular
2012-WEB SERIES-Failman Episode 3 “Buckmann Vs. Dr. Sinister”- Randy (Tonto) / Series Regular
2012-WEB SERIES-Failman Episode 2 “Enter The Buck”- Randy (Tonto) / Series Regular
2012-WEB SERIES-This is Not a Vlog-Ep. -Depressed Paper Pusher / Featured
2012-FEATURE FILM-Impossible Choice-Student in Chemistry Lab, Town Hall Member / Extra
2012-WEB SERIES-Last Resort-Ep.2-Tiny / Guest Star
2012-MUSIC VIDEO-Unc Juni-‘Doin My Thing’-Thug #3
2012-FEATURE FILM-Blink-Thug / Featured
2012-FEATURE FILM-The Challenger-Boxing Fan / Extra (uncredited)
2012-STUDENT FILM-Bank Heist:The Musical-Businessman / Extra
2012-WEB SERIES-A Day in The Life of a Thug-Pt.2-Bud Da Thug / Featured
2012-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Prey’-Victor (Vampire / Crimson Moon))


2011-FEATURE FILM-The Crimson Moon-Victor / Lead
2011-SHORT FILM-The Brothers-Jessica’s Boyfriend / Principle
2011-FEATURE FILM-To Have & To Hold-Native American Warrior / Extra (uncredited)
2011-STUDENT FILM-For Tomorrow We Die-Dawson / Supporting
2011-FEATURE FILM-Night of Something Strange-Corneilus / Lead
2011-WEB SERIES-Shannon Holmes-Ep.1- A Girl named Holmes-Officer Wilkins / Principle
2011-WEB SERIES-Failman Episode 1 “The “F” Stands For…”- Randy (Tonto) / Series Regular
2011-STUDENT FILM-King of the Neighborhood-Jogger-War vet / Principle
2011-TV SHOW-Star Trek New Voyages:Phase II-Episode Mind Sifter-Walking Bear / Recurring
2011-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Dead or Alive’-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
2011-REALITY SHOW-Unnamed Reality Show (Pilot)-Buyer / Principle
2011-FEATURE FILM-Slow Food-Bryce / Supporting
2011-MUSIC VIDEO-Rocky Graziano-‘All Fall Down’-Bassist, Backing Vocals & Mr. White (Night Run)
2011-VOICE OVER-Ruination TV Pilot-Narrator Intro
2011-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Dead or Alive’ / Rise Up & Fall Trailer-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
2011-FEATURE FILM / WEB SERIES-Stone-Agent Pagano / Principle / Recurring
2011-SHORT FILM-Sins of a Father-Lead Detective / Principle + 3 roles (extras)
2011-FEATURE FILM-Night Run-Mr. White / Principle


2010-FEATURE FILM-Fallen Angels-Carter / Supporting + 3 roles (extras)
2010-VOICE OVER-Football Champ Audio Book-John Abrahms
2010-MUSIC VIDEO-Undergang-‘Make Out The Will’-Myself
2010-DOCUMENTARY-Smead- Myself / Principle
2010-FEATURE FILM-Rise Up & Fall-Sammy’s Bodyguard / Principle
2010-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘I’ve Seen The Light Tonight’-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
2010-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Pain’-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar


2009-FEATURE FILM-Ms.Cannibal Holocaust-Gang Member / Featured


2006-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Slave to the Hourglass’-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar


2005-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Hard Life’ (live)-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
2005-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Too Late’ (live)-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
2005-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Mine, Mine, Mine’ (live)-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
2005-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘The Queen of Pleasure’ (live)-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar


2004-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Hard Life’ (live)-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar
2004-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Mine, Mine, Mine’ (live)-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar


2003-MUSIC VIDEO-CAROLINE BLUE-‘Mine, Mine, Mine’-Lead Singer / Lead & Rhythm Guitar


1998-COMMERCIAL-Music Lovers Shoppe-Bassist (with the band Four Large Men)


1994-TV SHOW-The Tazmanian Embassy Battle of The Bands-Bassist (with the band Four Large Men performing “Sweet Jezebel” & “Friction Addiction.”)


1992-TV SHOW-Please Stand By-Lead Guitarist (performing four songs in the band Front Row-“Hard Life,” “Steal Your Love,” “Do It Again” & “Mine, Mine, Mine”)

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