4/20/2006-THINKING-How Your My Space Page Gets Hacked

How your MySpace Page gets hacked? (From Bonnie)

Also known as Phishing. What these hackers do is send you a link in your message on MySpace or email, like check this out or click “here” or anything that’s linkable. You click on it, and get disconnected “booted” off MySpace.com So you log back on, BUT what you are logging back on to is “FAKE” HACKERS MySpace Page. That looks “exactly” like MySpace’s log in page. You re-type your email and password, not knowing this is a “fake” MySpace Page. Then the hacker now has your email and password, since you just typed it on to his “fake” MySpace page. He gets the information and changes your password. This could happen to your Bank, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, your email sites too.

How do you prevent this. Anytime you get disconnected or booted of any website. Think about why this happened or what you have just clicked on too. They will hack into your real friends account, and message you, doing the same phishing trick. So anyone’s messages or mail you have to be careful.
Look carefully at the website address, When you retype your email and password. Are you really signing on to MySpace or some weird url http.fakeaccount.com. or http://www.rnyspace.com (notice the r n in myspace making it look like myspace but really it’s r nyspace”rnyspace”)

Remember if you get disconnected, just be careful, when you log back in. Double check the website address, that its the same you originally signed in on. Thought I would share this, Hope it helps some of you.

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