10/11/2006-THINKING-Dear My Space / Facebook Teenager…

*NOTE from 2010-This was originally for My Space only, but could just as easily apply to Facebook (or any other social network site)-hence the addition of “Facebook” to the topic title*

Dear MySpace Teenager,

I am the college entrance examiner who will deny your college application because of what I saw on your My Space page. Despite your perfect SAT scores, and stellar grades, I can’t accept a person of your character onto our campus. You blog about how much you hate your teachers, how drunk you get with your friends, and how you hate the world. Why should I accept you to our school?

I am the person who just interviewed you for that job you so desperately wanted, but I won’t hire you because of what I saw on your My Space page. You came to the interview dressed in a suit, poised and perfect, yet I found you in nothing but a G-string for all the world to see on your My Space page. I cannot have someone such as yourself representing our company to our customers, and so I can’t hire you.

I am your father’s business partner, and I am embarrassed for your family because of what I saw and read on your My Space page. You call yourself “Slut on Fire,” and the comments on your page are just short of pornographic. You have a picture of your family and a picture of yourself in underwear all on the same page. I feel for your family.

I am the sexual predator who would love to meet you because of what I saw on your My Space page. My profile says I’m a 16-year old girl, but I’m actually a 55-year old man. I love the seductive pictures you post, and because of your blogs I know where you work, and where you hang out, and I can find you.

I am your mother, and I am in tears because of what I saw on your My Space page. You blog about sex, drugs, and alcohol. You have tattoos I didn’t even know you had. You share more of yourself with 65 million strangers than you share with me.

I am a My Space Teenager and I don’t realize how vulnerable I am.


Kelly Jo Horton
MySpace Blogger

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