6/15/2017-REVIEWS-Seven Short Video Reviews of “Night of Something Strange”


-Early on in 2017, GRUESOME MAGAZINE had several giveaways of a “horror pack”-the contents of which contained several horror films on blu-ray. NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE was one of them and a number of the following review videos were from people who received NoSS via the horror pack. The reviews vary from people who loved it to people who didn’t. Check them all out on this page and feel free to comment / share your thoughts on NoSS-are you on-board the NoSS Love Train or do you wish NoSS was run over by a train? 🙂 Check out the one above and the rest below. *NSFW*

-For those interested, I’ve been posting all the NoSS reviews I’ve come across online and have all the links to them posted HERE.







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6/14/2017-REVIEWS-“Tales of Dracula” Review by Sandra Harris for Cinehouse (UK)

-Here’s a very positive, yet very “different” kind of review for TALES OF DRACULA by Sandra Harris for THE PEOPLES MOVIES & CINEHOUSE BLOGS. I will say that I think you’ve been talking to Jason A. Covey & Matt Peters in regards to a certain “openness ” I should be delivering when acting in future films (HA!) 🙂 I have to admit I’ve never read a review like that before & I’m actually blushing here… 🙂 Thanks Sandra!


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6/11/2017-ACTING-Recap From Filming on Documentary “Juggernaut”

-This past February I was contacted by filmmaker Nicholas Bongiomo, who was looking for a Native American actor to play a part in his documentary film “Juggernaut.” I’m not native, but I play one on TV (HA!), so he reached out to me asking if I would be interested in playing the role of Joseph Crow. After going over some stuff and working over some details, I got on-board. Filming was to happen at the Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY towards the end of April, but it was postponed until yesterday.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Auburn, but it seemed easier than the last time I remembered. Here’s a surprise-I actually arrived in the area before anyone else did-isn’t that one of the signs of The Apocalypse? (HA!) 🙂 It didn’t take us long to find the obelisk of Chief Logan of The Cayuga-which was in the scene we were filming. I met up with Nick and his camera man William Hudson and we started going over details for filming.

-The scene starts with a voice over from me and then into the acting. The decision was made to have some of that voice over dialogue be in the scene the night before. I got thru it OK. We did several takes from various angles and hopefully the wind wasn’t blowing my hair (which was down) too much into my face 🙂 The temperature was going up as we went along so that was a factor as well. Nick and William (who, for some reason, I was initially calling him “Greg.”) were easy to work with it and we got thru all the shots needed.

-I always have a great time when filming and this was no exception. Thanks to both Nick and William for having me. “Juggernaut” has been a work in progress for awhile and I was told it might be done in released some time in 2018.

-Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook


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6/2/2017-ACTING-Wayne W. Johnson Now On The Roster For Asylum Convention and Entertainment Services (ACES)

-I’m now part of the ASYLUM CONVENTIONS AND ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES – ACES roster-looks like I’ll be at more conventions 🙂 For those who may not know, the two accompanying pics are me in my roles as Cornelius in NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE and Dracula in TALES OF DRACULA. Please check out their page (NoSS / Tales / ACES) and “LIKE” -thanks! Below is the press release they just did as well as links to their pages \m/

With lots of excitement I’m pleased to welcome Wayne W. Johnson to the ACES family!!

Wayne W. Johnson is an actor based in Syracuse, NY as well as the singer / guitarist for CAROLINE BLUE-a Melodic Hard Rock Band. Wayne started out performing in school plays during 5th-7th grade. For his 11th grade Spanish class, Wayne filmed a few commercials and a music video. It was during this time he had a choice between the path of acting or music. Wayne chose music and, during his college years, gained a Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Graduating Magda Cum Laude) as well as an Associates Degree in Humanities. Starting out in a number of CNY bands (including Front Row, Four Large Men and Spider Babys), Wayne eventually formed his own band with CAROLINE BLUE. CB has, to date, released two CDs (“Slave to the Hourglass” and “Not For The Innocent”). CB’s songs have been on several CD compilations, music videos and indie movies. Their STTH CD was nominated for a SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Award) in 2006 and CB won the “Rock & Roll Original Band” award in the First Annual Upper State Independent Awards in 2007. After years of focusing primarily on the path of music, Wayne shifted that focus in 2011 towards the path of acting. He is currently best known for his roles as Corneilus in “Night of Something Strange” (Hurricane Bridge Entertainment / SRS Cinema LLC / Virtual Interactive), Dracula in “Tales of Dracula” (WOLFBAIN PRODUCTIONS) and Draven in “Empire State of the Dead” (SRS CINEMA LLC / MAD ANGEL FILMS).


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6/1/2017-REVIEWS-Video Review of “Night of Something Strange” by The Geek Legion of Doom


-Check out this video review of NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE by The GEEK LEGION OF DOOM. Thanks guys! \m/

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5/31/2017-ACTING-“Night of Something Strange” to be Available for Rent July 25 on Family Video


Hurricane Bridge is proud to announce our new partnership with FAMILY VIDEO and reveal our new key art for the special edition DVD slated for July 25th. “I’m really excited to have NoSS on the shelves of an actual video store. When I was a kid and used to go to our local video rental store, I would dream about my movie being on the shelves one day. It’s a dream come true! “- Jonathan Straiton Writer / Director Night of Something Strange

About Family Video-
Family Video Movie Club Inc. is an American video rental chain located in the United States and Canada. The family-owned company is headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, and has over 775 stores in North America with the heaviest concentration in the Midwest.[1] In 2013, the company surpassed Blockbuster, which was in decline, as the largest video rental chain in the United States.

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5/29/2017-INTERVIEW-Podcast Interview with G33kPod at Zombie Con Online

-Here’s the interview I did with the G33KPOD crew at Zombie Con this past weekend. It’s around 30 minutes-also available via iTunes. Discussed were NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, TALES OF DRACULA, SHE KILLS, CAROLINE BLUE, Empire State of the Dead, ROMEO 3000, Locked In, Bataille de Sang and more…. One interesting note-on both their Facebook and Twitter pages I’ve gained a new alias- “Andrew W. Johnson.” 🙂


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