9/16/2018-ACTING-Pirates Weekend at Exit 33 (Turning Stone Casino) Last Night

-I was invited once again by PIRATE QUEEN QUIGLY to be part of the crew at Pirates Weekend at EXIT 33 (TURNING STONE CASINO) in Verona, NY on Saturday 9/15/2018. I reprised my role as “Johnny Red”-but with a different look this time. There were many things different this year-less crew, no dressing room, one day instead of two and only being in the Lave / Tin Roaster /The Gig areas. There were also some familiar faces like CAPTAIN JACK FOR HIRE CNY , Jim Hanselman and Craig Loomis. There was also an undead pirate here, but I never saw him out of costume. All of them, as well as Miss Quigly of course did great-as usual.

-I think I did OK. With the events that have happened in the past 10+ months, I was a little rusty on both accents and live improve but I believe I held my own. Since I was on “duty,” I wasn’t able to take a lot of pics. I did pose for a number of them from others though-which is always very flattering cause, in a lot of ways, I’m basically the “unknown pirate” compared to the others here. I got called “Captain Jack’ three times and each time I thought, “You’re drinking some hard stuff there laddy.” 😀

-Overall I had a good time-which flew by after the initial hour real fast. It’s always a trip to play a role that’s not like yourself-and there’s definitely some parts of “Johnny Red” that are not me at all but hey, that’s all part of the fun right? 🙂

-Some additional pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook via the following link.


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9/5/2018-MERCH-“Transformation” on DVD now Available

“Transformation” (HEWITT FILMS in association with FIENDISH FILMS STUDIOS) is now on DVD and available via the link below. “Transformation” is a crime drama about a serial killer out loose on the streets of Syracuse, NY. Starring Brian Hewitt, Jack Gargaro (R.I.P.), Wayne W. Johnson, Anwar Armstrong, Jody Pucello, Cassandra Hayes, Leila Dean, Mu-Shaka Benson, Michelle DiBernardo and many more.


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8/30/2018-REVIEWS-“House Shark” Review by 411Mania.com (Bryan Kristopowitz)

Here’s a long, detailed review *SPOILERS* on the film HOUSE SHARK (SRS CINEMA LLC) by Bryan Kristopowitz for 411MANIA.COM. Directed by Ron Bonk. Bryan goes into detail about the film as well as some extra comments on the roles played by Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant, Wes Reid (Jonathan Straiton), Wayne W. Johnson (that’s me 🙂 ), Brett Janeski, Edward Mastin, Melissa LaMartina, and Samantha Varga. Thanks Bryan!


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8/25/2018-REVIEWS-CML Entertainment Reviews “Transformation”

Here’s a cool review of “Transformation” (HEWITT FILMS) by Chris Gibson of CML ENTERTAINMENT. Directed by Brian Hewitt-who also plays the main lead role in this. I play the role of the demon Malachi. Also starring Jack Gargaro (R.I.P.), Jody Pucello, Mu-Shaka Benson, Cassandra Hayes, Anwar Armstrong, Leila Dean and more. Thanks Chris! 😊🤘

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8/18/2018-INTERVIEWS-WWJ Interview with The Horror Syndicate Now Online

-Here’s a replay, via Facebook Live / Google Hangouts, of the interview I did for THE HORROR SYNDICATE last night. It’s about 2 hours long and we go over a lot of stuff like NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, JOHNNY Z, Video Games, Bloody Tampons (as in, what was my “motivation” for doing that one scene in NoSS), CAROLINE BLUE, the first horror films I remember seeing, Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, HOUSE SHARK, MOHAWK,” “Empire State of the Dead,” SHE KILLS & TALES OF DRACULA-the last 3 movies I mentioned, I believe, one of the guys bought DVDs of via Amazon while we were talking so I did good yes? 🙂 I had a great time (except when I got disconnected momentarily) and they did stump me a few times so that was good. 🙂 Thanks again guys for having me on-hope we can do this again some time in the future.

-BTW, Interviewing WWJ are Ray Marek, Bryan Enright, Jared Letourneau & Mike Lombardo.

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8/17/2018-INTERVIEWS-WWJ Interview with The Horror Syndicate Tonight at 9PM (Eastern)

-Later tonight (9 PM Eastern actually), I will be doing an interview with Ray Marek & Bryan Enright for THEY LIVE!-part of THE HORROR SYNDICATE. I believe it’s thru Google Hangout and maybe Facebook Live(?) so not sure if it’s audio, video or both (I’m so clueless…:D). Looking forward to the interview-which is only 3 hours from now so check it out!

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8/14/2018-INTERVIEW-Al Doshna Interviews Wayne W. Johnson (Written)

Below is a link to a written interview I did with Al Doshna, who I worked with on two films by MAD ANGEL FILMS (SLADE COLLINS: In & Out of Time and ROMEO 3000) as well as on HOUSE SHARK (SRS CINEMA LLC). The link goes to a Google Plus page and it’s in two parts. The way it’s spread out is, from left to right, first is an intro, then part one, then-below them-part 2. Some of the topics include NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, various films with Mad Angel Films & SRS Cinema LLC, JOHNNY Z, CAROLINE BLUE, Cats and my postings of memes and quotes on my Facebook page:) Since it’s a written interview, my answers are kind of long (SPOILERS-HA!) but Al did ask me some questions that haven’t been presented to me as of yet so I hope you enjoy it.


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