9/21/2020-ACTING-15 Indie Horror Movies Your MUST Watch!

Here’s a video made by Ray Marek III (RayZor) from THE HORROR SYNDICATE on 15 Indie Horror Films you MUST watch. On the list is NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, where I play Cornelius, a lonely janitor looking for love (HA!) πŸ™‚ Ray also gave both me and actor Trey Harrison a shout-out as well, which is much appreciated. In addition, two that didn’t make the list, but were honorable mentions were SHE KILLS and “Empire State of the Dead” – both by SRS CINEMA LLC. Enjoy!

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8/13/2020-THINKING-My First Fake Profile (that I know of)…

-Yesterday morning I discovered, via Instagram, my first fake profile. In other words, a profile claiming to be me. Not a fan page, but saying that they are me (see pic for reference). It’s kind of close to how my actual Instagram page is set up. There may be others but this is the first one that I’ve actually seen. How did I find out? Well, a couple of hours before a few of my friends messaged me about it, I got a “like” notification on one of my pics from this account. A close friend of mine said she thinks this person was scrolling thru my pics and accidentally hit “like” on one of them. I can’t imagine this person being stupid enough to notify me of his existence-although I have to admit it seems like the capacity for stupidity in people, in general, seems to expand exponentially more and more as time goes on. Weren’t we in the midst of the “Information Age?” Seems more like the “Misinformation Age” (or even, at times, the “Disinformation Age”) but I digress…

-So I checked it out and I have to admit, I did feel a little flattered cause I’d seen this happen with celebs and, so far, nothing seemed to be bad-and if this was just a fan page, that’s where it would have ended. I soon discovered, however, that there was more than meets the eye (or even the ear as Peter Sellers would say-bonus no-prize for those who can say what movie that line came from) πŸ™‚ …

-As I mentioned above, two of my friends (both female-and eventually a few more) started following the page and received messages (quickly) by this guy. They all start the same was as follows…

Thanks for commenting and liking my official page. If you are interested in talking to me, you can reach me here. Thanks for your support.

-If you reply (and, so far, all three people who have are women), at some point he will tell them (very early on) how beautiful they are and try to get them to either chat via Google Hangouts and / or download WhatsApp to chat there. I received some screenshots of the conversations and, while I won’t post them to protect the people this guy was targeting, I will transfer some of what he wrote here, in part, cause it’s kind of laughable, unreal and pathetic. In regards to the chats (and I’m not correcting his spelling / phrasing btw)…

“Well you can drop your Gmail to enable me add you up on Hangout where I can reply you easily…Drop your number let me add you on WhatsApp then to enable easy communication…

-And if asked why can’t communications be via Facebook Messenger as before this is the reply…

“…Why my beautiful friend? I just wanna have a private chat with you since I don’t trust the security of this platform…All we need is to be sincere in our communications as good friends OK?”

-“Sincere in our communications…” This guy has some balls LOL. OK, first of all, anyone who knows me knows that I don’t do chats. Way back in the AOL days (circa 1999-2000ish) I did dabble with both AOL messenger and Yahoo messenger for a little bit, but while chatting can be fun, it’s also a huge time sucker and I stopped doing chats a long time ago for that reason so if you ever see me messaging you to chat on some chatting platform, you know it’s a fake. The only thing close is Facebook Messenger and, even then, I barely have time to communicate there. I do my daily Facebook Memories re-posts and post memes and / or quotes (around 4 of those) but that takes about 10-15 minutes to do-then I’m done. In addition, I’ve never used WhatsApp and the only time I ever used Google Hangouts were for some interviews for acting / horror podcast shows (Can you even use Google Hangouts anymore now that Google Plus is dead?). But this gets even better…

-Besides sending “kisses and hugs, muahh!” (to a married woman no less), he also sent these particular gems…

“You must have been the second woman GOD created after eve. Apparently GOD must have lavish abundant time to make such a beautiful lady like you, You look so enchanting, highly like goddess…

Well, I will appreciate being good friend in sincerity, honesty and trust as we can share ideas and discuss about more issues and talk more about ourselves, and as time goes on there may be something great for us in the future…what do you say?”

-Now, I can be cheesy at times, but that’s a whole new level (or 12) right there (HA!). This is pretty whacked seeing all of this-especially under my name and pic. In addition, with all the talking, he really didn’t say anything about himself. He just continued to ask questions and his replies were basically how beautiful she was. After that, my friend asked why this sudden interest after many years and here was the reply…

“I discovered you are my big fan, since I see your likes like on most of my posts…you have nothing to worry about…”

– “After I liked on most of my posts…”-which is a big whopping ONE (!) on Fake-O’s page. Well, I gotta admit, math was never one of my strong point either (but not THAT bad) πŸ™‚ ….

-On top of that, “Romeo” (or is that “Cheezio” (HA!) ) posts a link to some site called Insurance POST – which was his way to prove that his posts were true. Oh, the irony… I’ll get right on clicking that link boyo…always wanted to go phishing-NOT!…*roll eyes*

-Then “Cheezio” changes gears and gets all narcissistic with this next part. I know there are some people that think I’m not only that, but an asshole at times but check this out…

“My father once told me Good things only come to those who wait. And I can see you have long and wished for this day to come.”

-DAMN! (HA!)…I need to use that line in a future script one day (HA!) πŸ™‚ Obviously me (as well as the four people who messaged me about it) reported the page yesterday-and it’s still up (?)… Feel free to report it as well (maybe it will help) but the main thing is letting people know this isn’t me and has nothing to do with myself or my projects. Be careful and don’t let Wannabe Waynos ruin your day πŸ˜€

UPDATE (8/15) – Yesterday I found out thru two more female friends who talked to him that “Cheesio” has upgraded from desperately trying to get a woman to chat with him to soliciting outright for money (to the tune of $3,500 (!) ) from them in the form of bit coins. Once again I reported that page, but this time out of the two choices (“this is spam” or “this in inappropriate”) I picked the later, which lead me to 2-3 more questions than the spam one. I just checked later today and the page is now gone (Woo Hoo!) Thanks to all who alerted me to this asshat and reported that page. This probably won’t be the last time something like this happens, but at least this “Wannabe Wayno’s” page was “wiped out” πŸ™‚

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7/29/2020-ACTING-Indiegogo Campaign for “Cryptids” Unleashed

-The Indiegogo Campaign for the horror film CRYPTIDS is now online. In addition, when I was filming there on 7/19/2020 as “The Man in Black,” I was acting in a scene with a mystery celebrity that I couldn’t reveal until now. The mystery celebrity is America’s Foremost Drive-In Movie Critic JOE BOB BRIGGS. We were both in an episode directed by Justin M. Seaman (THE BARN). I had a good time and it was great working with Joe and the rest of the cast / crew there. It was also a nice introduction into Justin’s network and, hopefully, I will be involved in future projects from that camp. Click the link below to check out the perks and donate to the film-thanks!


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07/21/2020-ACTING-Recap From Filming on “Cryptids” Last Weekend

-Back in March 2020, I was contacted by acclaimed director Justin M. Seaman (“THE BARN“) in regards to a role he had me in mind for in a film he was doing called CRYPTIDS. We were actually discussing a few other possible roles when this was brought up. Originally, shooting was to take place at his filming studio at NEVERMORE PRODUCTIONS FILM LLC in Pennsylvania (PA) on April 25, but the pandemic put a stop to that. Once things started to get more safe again, arrangements were made for me to come down and play the part of “The Man in Black” for one of the episodes (“Cryptids” is an anthology film). Things have changed for me in a large way since the events of 2019 but I was glad to be able to do this and headed out to PA in the wee morning hours of Sunday 7/19/2020 (5 AM – it’s a six hour drive one way). I was just hoping that Cuomo wasn’t going to declare PA one of the states on his list where, if you come back into New York, you have to spend 14 days in quarantine. That would’ve sucked…

-So I get there and, as I tell them when I arrive, this area must of been built back when everyone was 5’5″, not to mention driving Yugos and maybe Mini Coopers πŸ˜€ . My GPS also gave out on me, for awhile, just upon entering PA but I was on the same road for awhile and it finally re-engaged. I will mention that, contrary to some of the pics, everyone was very careful in regards to masks and distancing. The masks were off while on camera and a quick pic here and there but all safety measures were taken. While I’d been in a booth next to there’s at various conventions (representing NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE ), I’d never worked on one of Justin’s productions before so this was a first. Everything went great and they couldn’t have been more accommodating. Acclaimed director Zane Hershberger (FORCE TO FEAR) was also here (I thought I smelled Pert Plus when I walked in (HA!) ) πŸ˜€ There was also a mystery actor here who I can’t reveal till after the film is out. I have some pics in reserve and will post them on my Acting page on Facebook when the film is released.

-Things went by fast and, before I knew it, I was done. After a quick meal, I was back on the road to Syracuse. My GPS messed up again cause it told me I’d be back almost two hours before I actually was so I was wiped out when I got home. I want to thank Justin and everyone for the opportunity to be onboard and hopefully I’ll be able to work on some of those other projects we were talking about as well.

-Pics can be seen on my Acting Page on Facebook via the link below.


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5/29/2020-ACTING-Late Update on “Romeo 3000”

-I posted this on the WWJ PRODUCTIONS page two days ago but feel like it should also go here so as more people who are asking me about it will potentially see it…

-This is an update that should have been posted at the time it happened, but as I am still being asked for updates and questions about this project, I will correct that delay now…

-As of March 16, 2019 WWJ Productions became no longer involved in the completion of the Feature Film β€œRomeo 3000. ” I have no idea of its status. To the cast / crew / supporters of R3000-I thank you for all your efforts and hard work.

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3/26/2020-PETS-Happy Birthday Scruffy!

-Happy Birthday to my not so little Scruffy! 😊🐱 He turns eight years old today, but he’ll always be my baby boy πŸ€—πŸˆπŸ––The other three pics are from 2013 but the video and main pic are from today What video you may ask? Well, click HERE to go to my page on Instagram to see the Scruffy Birthday post to see not only three other pics from 2013 but also a video from earlier today πŸ™‚

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3/25/2020-MUSIC-Video Clips From Hammerfest 2020 Via YouTube (1080p)

Pic by David Bower.

-Yes, I finally made the time to get the clips from the 2/29/2020 Hammerfest show up on YouTube. On 2/29/2020 I was in one of the bands that played at Hammerfest 2020 – a Tribute to Jerry Yerman, former singer of Four Large Men, who passed away in 2019. This was also to honor those from the Mark I version of FLM who have also unfortunately passed – Rick Richmond & Kevin Meacham.

-Initially I posted them on Facebook but there was a few problems-most notably that they weren’t coming out in 1080p resolution (as they were filmed-that’s why I bought that camcorder in the first place). I also had to do some basic editing cause, being a camcorder, once it hits a certain time mark it creates a new file-even in the middle of filming. In this case, it did it while I was singing “Parasite” (KISS). The second time I attempted it was even better so there’s that…Here are the clips with a little bit of backstory added to the descriptions. All videos here done by WWJ PRODUCTIONS. There are also arranged, from top to bottom, in the order they were performed that night so… One all these clips are the remaining members of the band Four Large Men (Mark II) which include Roy Coston (LOVEBONE), Mike Merrifield (ONE HARD KRANK) & myself (Wayne W. Johnson – CAROLINE BLUE) with special guest musicians filling in on all the songs.


-This song was done by FLM back in the day but is our own arrangement of “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” by Ten Years After. When this song was added to the list I went on YouTube to listen to the original version to re-learn it-and was over 11 minutes long (!). I was thinking, “I don’t remember playing this song for that long.” Turns out that not only did we re-arrange the song to a more standard length, but that we also recorded a cover version of that song while in the studio in the 90s-and I had no recollection of ever doing this. πŸ™‚ I’ve kept journals for decades, which helps to augment my memory, but I was genuinely surprised, yet pleased, that this existed courtesy of Mike M. I know Lynn was a little nervous before we started the show but he did great.

SNORTIN’ WHISKEY (Pat Travers) – FLM w/ Mike Santalucia (THE BOMB)

-This song was done by FLM back in the day and was pretty much the mainstay of any show we did. We only had one rehearsal overall with the guest singers and Mike S. wasn’t able to make it but he belted it out at the show. We had originally planned for Mike S. to also do “Heaven & Hell” (Black Sabbath) but that was dropped the day before the show. I didn’t realize (for some reason cause I’m sure Roy told me earlier) that Mike was singing the entire set for Visigoth as well that night. Some songs were suggested to replace it-including FLM’s “Slave to the Hourglass”-which I recorded for CAROLINE BLUE (which can be seen HERE *shameless promo mode ended* πŸ˜€ ) but the bass line and vocal line are conflicting (I play guitar when singing this normally) and would take some work to re-structure so maybe next time…) but in the end we just stayed with what we had-which was for the best.

STRANGLEHOLD (Ted Nugent) – FLM w/ Steven R. Seelman (THE 169 RHYTHM METHOD) + bonus

-On this song, however, we had a guest drummer Steven R. Seelman and no singer. While FLM (Mark II) never played “Stranglehold,” Roy’s current band LoveBone does and as a bonus- halfway thru-Roy gets the crowd to shout out the names of Jerry, Rich & Kevin several times. An added bonus is Monster Mike singing on the third verse for this. This is a longer clip so you have been warned…This song was a staple in LoveBone’s set list and Roy had plans to do a crowd participation part in this, but I didn’t find out that this song was a go till a few hours before we went on (!). It was one of the songs suggested to replace “Heaven & Hell” but I didn’t receive an answer if we were doing it so (silence / no reply usually translates to “no” – Wise Wisdom Wayno-try to say that 5 times fast-HA!) so I was a little surprised when I got the news we were doing it. “Just play A” I was told. There’s more to the song than that-there’s even a short bass solo per se. This, however, wasn’t my first time being in this position for a show (and I’m sure it won’t be the last) so I just went to my car and listened to the song a few times. It IS mostly just A, but I got the feel for it and the basic arrangement like a normal cover band would do and I think I made do πŸ™‚ . Then, on the last verse, Mike M. started singing so not bad overall for a song that was basically played last minute πŸ™‚

PARASITE (KISS) – FLM with me singing lead vocals & Chuck Heath on backing vocals.

-On this song, we had a guest backing vocalist (Chuck Heath) with me (WWJ) on lead vocals. FLM performed this song back in the day and since I’m kind of and / or was known as “That KISS Dude” in the CNY hard rock / metal circles, I picked this one πŸ™‚ You’ll notice at the beginning of this video I take a moment to mention that Jerry’s Guitar, Hat, Mic Stand and a drink was at center stage. A little throwback to CAROLINE BLUE stage raps as well-although Roy has now replaced me as the “rock & roll preacher” onstage \m/ When I put this up initially on Facebook, it cut off in the middle of Roy’s solo. I fixed the problem (it was my fault) and re-posted it there so all’s better now πŸ™‚ BTW- when I made that remark about the “guest singer” taking his time to get to the stage, it was a rag on myself not Chuckie cause if you put a mic in front of me on a stage, I can be a mouthful (HA!) πŸ™‚

SWEET JEZEBEL (Four Large Men) – FLM w/ Chuck Heath (LoveBone)

-“Sweet Jezebel” was an FLM song and one of the most popular ones-as well as being the hardest to sing. Even Jerry had trouble singing it at times and if he had trouble with it, you can imagine how hard it would be for anyone else… At the last tribute show we had Mary Meacham (DC Strut / Ardent) singing it and this time it was Chuck. I presume this song will always be in the set list when doing these shows (I believe there are plans to make Hammerfest a yearly event) so a number of singers will be doing this. Maybe even I’ll get a shot at it πŸ˜‰

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