4/16/2018-ACTING-Pics / Recap From Filming on “Mercury Screams”

-Towards the end of March I got a message from director Dan Wilder asking if I’d be interesting in playing the role of “Herd” (love that name-I bet I can guess what one of his nicknames in high school was-HA!) 🙂 -the male lead-in his short film “Mercury Screams.” It would be filmed out in Nassau, NY for a day. It’s set up like a found footage type horror movie and the story takes place in the early 1980’s. This would give me a chance to dress up totally tubular 🙂 I got on board and started shaping up a look. I asked Dan about a few things, got approvals on some ideas and went to work.

-Since I’m continuing my research on how to currently live life as a broke actor, 🙂 I had my friend Sarah Randall take a pair of cheap jeans and acid-wash them. She did a nice job-even said she wanted them 🙂 I debated on getting one of those Casio watches, but that went against the broke actor study so that was off. As you can see from the pics, I’m not only wearing the acid washed jeans (pegged even-my first time ever doing that), but also a pink t-shirt. I wanted to get one as a tank top but couldn’t get one in time so…I was actually told by one of the crew that I looked ridiculous-but that just meant I did my job. If I could’ve gotten my hair permed, I would have. As is, I was able to wear it down as well as using my normal voice. I’m having a hard time remembering when I was able to do that last for acting. While I slightly debated about throwing some 80’s slang in (Dan basically told me to modify the dialogue however I liked-which is always awesome to hear), if I had short hair , 80’s style, I might of tried it.

-Nassau is a decent distance away from Syracuse. The call time was noon and, for me, it’s been awhile since my last acting gig so I was a little rusty on things. One thing that hit right away was that old concept of “hurry up and wait”-which lasted most of the afternoon. That’s fine BTW-no where near the record and I was having fun just being there. I got to meet the cast and crew-most of who were brand new to me and some even coming as far away as Boston, MA.

-Overall I had fun -outside of one thing with my right contact-which was bothering me starting around mid afternoon. The trip home was painful, but no worries-it’s not like I haven’t gone thru that before and it was part of the rust that I mentioned before. Dan and his cast / crew were a pleasure to work with and I hope I kept up with them. I look forward to working with them all on future projects. Thank you for having me Dan and thanks to all cast / crew for putting up with my crap 🙂

-“Mercury Screams” Facebook page just went up today so “LIKE” / share it and keep checking it for news / updates. Pics are up on my Acting page on Facebook.



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4/13/2018-R.I.P.-Russell Bates-The Creator of Walking Bear

-I just found out about the passing of writer Russell Bates-which happened a few days ago. Russell was the creator of Ensign Dawson Walking Bear, a character from the STAR TREK THE ANIMATED SERIES episode “How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth. ” Not only was he a co-writer of the episode, along with David Wise, but this episode was responsible for winning an Emmy Award ( the 1974-1975 Daytime Emmy in the area of “Outstanding Entertainment Children’s Series”). He was a Native American who’s lineage was from the Kiowa tribe.

-I had the privilege of being introduced to Russell via a group Facebook chat set up by Troy Beriner in January 2017. Troy had wanted to introduce us-being that I was the actor who portrayed Walking Bear in two episodes from STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES (“Mind Sifter” and “The Holiest Thing”-as well as one currently unreleased “Bread & Savagery”) in addition to, at the time, an upcoming episode with THE FEDERATION FILES called “Walking Bear, Running Wolf.” It was quite a thrill and Russell offered to give me some more background on the character, which I readily accepted. He also thanked me for bringing Walking Bear to life in those episodes-which I deeply appreciated. I sent him links to the episodes, as well as to “Walking Bear, Running Wolf” when it it was released online.


-Unfortunately, I never got to meet him in person. He was a cat person like me so I’m sure that topic would’ve opened up a lot of stories. 🙂 Below is a link to a brief write up on Russell showcasing the TAS episode and Walking Bear. It was touching to see that a couple of pics of me as Walking Bear were included in this as well.

-Russell passed away on April 9 after a brief illness. He was 76 years old. Graveside services for Russell will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 18th at the Ft. Sill National Cemetery Pavilion near Elgin, Oklahoma.

-R.I.P. Russell….

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4/5/2018-VIDEO-“HUEY”-CNY Weather

In lieu of yesterday’s mini-snow storm in CNY last night 🙂 here’s an encore of “Huey”…all 44 seconds of him…thankfully… 😀

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3/26/2018-ACTING-Pics / Recap from Syracuse Premiere of “House Shark”

*Actor Wayne W. Johnson w/ “House Shark” director Ron Bonk*

Sunday March 25, 2018 was the Syracuse, NY premiere of HOUSE SHARK (SRS CINEMA LLC). Directed by Ron Bonk. The night before I was over at Ron’s house, along with some of the NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE gang (Jonathan Straiton, Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant and Brett Janeski) signing House Shark stuff for Ron’s Indiegogo campaign. We spent over three hours signing all sorts of stuff. We also got a look at the trading cards (wait till you read the backs of them 😀 ) and a sneak peak at the blooper reel for the film. Great stuff.

-The premiere took place at The MANLIUS ART THEATER. Kinda funny that I lived in Manlius for years, yet-for some reason-I’d never been there. Nice place. There was a good sized crowd here-all of awaiting the madness being brought forth. The film was a lot of fun and had a lot of LOL moments. It’s always great to see the final product when you’ve filmed in a role. One part I remember filming didn’t make the cut, but maybe that was due to me breaking the shark’s jaw (OOOPS!) while filming. Looks like my quota for breaking things on set (which basically started with “Night of Something Strange”) is still intact 😀 Congrats to everyone involved in “House Shark” for a great performance (including Nathan Bonk, Samantha Varga, Jennie Russo, Mary Snell, David Royale, Stacy Underwood, Edward Mastin, John Krenrich, Greta Volkova and many more-plus the guys I mentioned earlier of course…

-I couldn’t stay too long afterwards, but it was great catching up with old friends as well as making some new ones. Keep on the lookout on the “House Shark” / SRS Cinema LLC pages for more upcoming news and events. Pics from the premiere are on my Acting page on Facebook via the link below.


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3/20/2018-LINKS- WWJ Now on The Vero Social Network.

I took the plunge and made up accounts for me and CAROLINE BLUE on the VERO Social Network (which mistaken called “Vera” on a podcast interview on BRASSYS WORLD last week 😀 )… Download the app via Apple or Droid and feel free to add me when you do. (It looks like it’s all App based-I couldn’t find a URL for visiting via desktop / laptop / tablet so…)

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3/12/2018-INTERVIEW-WWJ Takes a Visit to Brassy’s World

Last night I did a podcast interview with BRASSYS WORLD with Luca Brassy and Jill Camillo. Also on was Tred Hulse, who is on for the first 20-25 minutes. Some of the topics include CAROLINE BLUE, NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, ROMEO 3000, MS CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, DOLLMAKER (as well as THE DOLLMAKER), MAD ANGEL FILMS (where I reveal one of their secret debating techniques) :), some hip hop music videos I was in (Juni McGregor & Devon Poke Magnus) , “Empire State of the Dead”, JOHNNY Z, RADIANT DARK, MOHAWK, HOUSE SHARK as well as my usual wordy self 🙂 Check out the following link to listen to the episode…


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3/11/2018-ACTING-“They’re Here” (White Lion Studios LLC) Now Online

“They’re Here” (WHITE LION STUDIOS LLC)-a short scifi film / trailer that I did with acclaimed director Ken Cosentino last year in Buffalo, NY has now been released on Ken’s You Tube page. I played the role of Vincent in this one. Also starring William Nemi, Bill Kennedy and Sam Qualiana. Filmed at the NIAGARA COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE and the NCCC Culinary Arts Institute.

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