-Here’s a contact page that’s going to be a little different from the norm. You may have noticed that, with the exception of the HOME page, no one can really comment on anything on this site-basically like an actual website right? Well, this page will kinda serve as a “Guestbook” type page for lack of a better term- or an “Ask WWJ”-type page.

-Feel free to write to me your questions, comments and /or concerns in regards to me and /or this site. Please keep in mind that I tend to be quite busy so I can’t always answer back in a timely matter, but I will do the best I can. For those of you who don’t know, I also tend to be quite diplomatic w/ my answers-usually punctuated w/ cornball jokes πŸ™‚ Having said that, there will be times when I can be blunt about things as well.

-Please be civil & mature w/ the language. Troll-like or destructive-type comments will pretty much be deleted. Likewise, all spam posts and /or people who just want to use this as an area to only promote their own stuff will be deleted. Constructive criticism is fine-but don’t get offended if I don’t always act on it. BTW-all that I just mentioned holds true for every page here that can be posted on. Thanks & wishing you all the very best!

10 Responses to Contact

  1. Jay Novelli says:

    Hi Wayne. This is Father Boris. The Tales of Dracula trailer looks great, I love it, I am still recovering from our last confrontation, LOL:, but really it was a great experience working with you, and watching you work, you have many talents The entire cast really gave it their all , cant wait for the sequel, Fr Boris.


    • Thanks Jay! It was great working w/ you and the rest of the cast as well. Hopefully we can do more stuff together in the future. Are you on Facebook BTW? I couldn’t find you on there. Hope you recover soon πŸ™‚


      • Jay Novelli says:

        Good luck at the Robertcon and have fun. I have worked a few cons and they are always good events, say hey to the Dracula cast for me, Not on FaceBook but I will keep in touch on this site from time to time. Take care, good luck in your career , BREAK A LEG,,,, Jay


  2. Jay Novelli says:

    HI Wayne,,, Father Boris here, see your back in action again as Dracula on the set of Tales of Dracula, for pick ups, WOW, its hard to believe its been over a year since you donned the fangs and cape , Thanks for the great photos on the set, almost like being there again, this film is like Wine,,, it takes time for great Wine,,,, RED!!!,, take care ,,, Jay,,, FR BORIS,


  3. Jay Novelli says:

    Hi Wayne,, Jay Novelli here,, Fr Boris from Tales of Dracula ,I am still sad that I was not able to join my fellow cast members for the World premiere of Tales of Dracula , being a close friend of Ron Chamberlain Makeup man I was expecting to hitch a ride with him and our producer / director Joe Demurro but Those plans fell thru, I wanted to bid our cast a fond farewell , I did get to screen the movie with Ron at my house. I am very pleased with the movie and proud to have had a small part in it. The entire cast can be proud that a well known Movie distributor, Alpha, picked it up. Please say hello to the cast that you are in contact with for me and congrats to Cassandra . Cool tribute to Leonard Nimoy a while ago, its a cool gig you have being in Star Trek,, Take care Drac,, Jay Novelli


  4. Hello how are you. My name is Michael. I saw your project on kickstarter, followed it to facebook and you tube then found this site to reach to you and introduce myself and the company I work for. I might be able to help out your project or give you another way to promote it. My companies website Real Big Hits is a new portal where creatives can upload their ideas, sizzles, characters, and finished shows for sale or funding in a closed site where only qualified, vetted buyers can view the content. When you get a chance take a look at the site or email me if you have any questions it might be just the thing that you are looking for and another way to get your project out to people who might be interested. Good Luck on your project and contact me if you have any questions on RBH if you end up looking at it. From Michael


  5. Hi Wayne,
    My name is Nick Bongiorno. I am an instructor in the English and Media Arts departments at SUNY Broome and I am working on a feature-length experimental documentary thru the University at Buffalo MFA in Media Studies program.
    I was wondering if you could help me. I am looking for an adult Native American actor to play a small role in the film. The actor would be playing an academic/expert on Iriquois culture.It’s a small role and probably wouldn’t take more than a day of shooting.
    The shoot would take place at Fort Hill cemetery near Syracuse, NY. probably late March/early April.
    The film will probably end up screening at Hallwells in Buffalo and hopefully several other festival venues.
    Would you perhaps be interested in auditioning for the role? Please feel free to contact me either here, via email or phone (email: phone: 607-239-0860)
    Here are a couple of clips from the film

    hope to here from you,
    best regards,
    Nick Bongiorno


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