3/21/2020-R.I.P.-Kenny Rogers

-Earlier today the news broke that KENNY ROGERS had passed away the night before at 10:25 PM at age 81. I wasn’t a deep fan but I knew of, and enjoyed, a good chunk of his hits-and even a few that weren’t. I’m not sure where or when, but I do have a memory of reading about his back story long ago so I knew, for example, that he started out as a rocker in The First Edition (which eventually became Kenny Rogers & The First Edition) before he went solo. I want to say that I might of read about it in a music business book but I don’t know if I’m recalling that correctly…Of course, I’m a fan of songs like “The Gambler,” “Lucille” and more but I’m just going to expound a little on two of my favorites-one that’s a little more obscure (which I’ll start with first) and one that you could say everyone knows (like the top video didn’t give that away right?) 🙂

-The more obscure song is called “This Woman” released in 1983. One of the Bee Gees, Barry Gibb, had a hand in writing it. He also produced the album it was off of (“Eyes That See in the Dark”) and did backing vocals as well. It’s funny-I’m surprised some modern country artist hasn’t covered this song by now. It does sound, to me, a little like an 80’s harbinger to that “pop-country” sound that’s currently in vogue-even more so cause this is basically a pop song; no “country twang” instruments like fiddles and banjos added in. Even vocally some broken rhythm-another en vogue thing currently. I still enjoy the song very much. Here’s the song and video in all it’s 80s glory 🙂

-As stated before, from the top video I’m sure you can guess what my other favorite is 🙂 I remember first hearing “Lady” on the radio during preparations for moving from Kwajalein (on The Marshall Islands) back to the US. I lived there for about three years. It’s one of my favorite ballads-perhaps my favorite cause I can’t think of another one I like more at the moment… A haunting piano piece with a very emotional vocal from Kenny. Written by Lionel Richie and actually put on his greatest hits album called, appropriately enough, “Greatest Hits.” Although I will save details for “WAYNE-THE BOOK” (if I ever get off my damn ass and write the thing-HA!) but this was a song in heavy rotation during the years I was, let’s say, “emotionally unstable”-primarily during my high school years and maybe into the decade later. I mean, when you’re driving alone at night in the midst of some really heavy emotions and this song is playing over and over…Although I’m more matured emotionally now (some would debate this-HA!), hearing this song brings me right back to those times in a heartbeat and I still can really get emotionally lost in it. The power of a song right? When I was starting into music and flirted with playing piano years ago, I bought a lot of sheet music and one of the first ones I got was “Lady.” I really should learn how to play this one day… While the top video is of Kenny singing it live and it’s great, the studio version is what really hits me the hardest and I will put that below. This clip has an interesting side show with it but it has the song in HD / HQ so… I’ve always been a fan of side shows of various pics on certain songs to heighten emotional impact. Perhaps I’ll learn how to do that one day…

-This is just one more reminder, for me, that as one gets older, more and more people leave your life. The reason immortality is considered a curse right? I can only hope to one day write a song that will impact other people like this song has with me. R.I.P. Kenny… 😦

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