10/13/2012-ACTING-Second Night With Swamp Road Terror

-I had some car problems this night (me?….car problems?….Nooooo 🙂 ) so I barely made it in time for this night. It was raining so that affected the draw but we still had a great time. I also got to wander around a little bit outside and, in doing so, had people cue up to take pics with me-sometimes getting a “hit” right there 🙂 I heard one girl later in the house actually fell on the floor and curled into a ball. You get some tough guys at times but usually one of us will get at least one good “hit” on them. My 2nd “hit” gets a great reaction almost every time-again, cause I’m almost in complete darkness, Plus, when you enter that room, Jason has some really creepy music on a loop which can be heard thru out the rest of the path. At times I was even following the group for a short distance. I can only go so far though…there is a section of the house that is literally so dark that you’re bouncing off walls. I saw this one group going thru one time holding on to each other like they were on a conga line 🙂 And let me tell ya, there are some damn loud screamers out there 🙂 The last group for this night took the cake…..they must of been in the waiting room for 10 minutes till they went in-they were too scared to go inside! One of them even turned around and didn’t even go in.

-I had to go pick up a rental car after this for something I had to do the next night. That last group delayed me a bit, but I was still within the time before Hertz closed…until one of my tires blew on the way to pick up the car 😦 Luckily, Jason & Cindy got me there in time to get the car. Of course, then I had to wait till AAA arrived to change the tire….in the rain…I didn’t get home till 2:30 AM…and had to be on the road by 6:30 AM to be in Albany for a rehearsal. What a life huh? I wouldn’t trade it though-the worst day doing acting is still WAY better than the best day at the normal 9 to 5 jobs I was doing. Guess we’ll all see if I’m there next week 🙂

-Pics are up on my page on facebook



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