10/15/2012-ACTING-First REAL Day of Filming on “Transformation”

-Today was the day for the first REAL day fo filming for me on “Transformation.” I emphasize REAL cause, as you may recall several entries back, I’d already done Some filming with this-but on that day all the footage was ruined cause there wasn’t enough light in the area (told ya Brian-HA!) 🙂 We were at Jack Gagaro’s basement and had a great time. We basically did the same as we did the last time, plus one more scene. I’m really glad Brian likes the way I came up with the voice and look for my character Malachi. I’m very much looking forward to getting the rest of my scenes for this done. I also have to admit that Malachi is currently one of my favorite roles to play. Pics are currently up on the WWJ PAGE ON FACEBOOK.


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