10/17/2011-ACTING-First Day Filming With “The Devil’s Hand”

10/17/2011-I was contacted about a month ago (or so) by Matt from Mad Angel Films in regards to the role of Victor-a vampire-for “The Devil’s Hand.” kinda funny…I’m in the midst of playing a zombie and now I’m playing a vampire. Can a werewolf be far behind? πŸ™‚

-I liked the script a lot and felt I could really do it good-but I needed the right look. Matt gave me the basics of what he envisioned and when I sent him the 1st set of proof pics he said I nailed it. One thing to note-yes folks, I am wearing a wig. My hair is still shoulder length, but to me, a male vampire looks better w/ hair at least down to chest length. I actually got more accessories than I have for any other role-and I forgot to put on some of it on the 1st day-nice huh? πŸ™‚

-The 1st scene was in Utica where I’m chasing after a girl and I trap her in an alley. That was fun-although not for Lia to run in those heels πŸ™‚

-Then we went to a location in Little Falls where I did battle w/ “Wario” (HA!) πŸ™‚ Check the pics-you’ll see what I mean. At one point, the wig got a little loose and I can see that in the pics. Probably when I had to fall on the ground-luckily that shot was a 1 take. Had to put in special contacts & fangs as well. Although this is a short movie, this film probably has the most dialog I have to date. Everyone played their roles great & I hope I was up to par. Jason Covey found out the hard way that I tend to “get into” my roles. I’ve had some people call it method acting-I just get into the character and let it out. To me, Victor is an aggressive, forceful & dramatic character-so I play him as such. I hope this got caught on film, but on 1 take, I bit into Jason and then look up to see Lia running off. When I did, my fangs were still in Jason’s neck (HA!).

-I had a great time and am thankful to be a part of this. Looking forward to the next time we film this. Pics are up on my acting page on Facebook.


*Note-“The Devil’s Hand” has been changed to “The Crimson Moon”

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