10/16/2011-ACTING-Double Day Filming With “Night of Something Strange”

10/15/2011-Once again heading down to location for some more filming w/ the NoSS cast & crew. On this trip I was with Rebecca K., Ron Bonk & his son Nathan. We actually arrived quicker than I thought. Course, I fell asleep on the way. We were back in Stevens City for the night before leaving for Goldvein early in the morning. Me & Rebecca got to sleep in the producers area-which was cool. Rebecca got the bed & I got the air mattress. Thanks to Rebecca for letting me have the AC on while we slept πŸ™‚

-The next day (technically this is the 15th) we were on our way. This time we were at a volunteer fire station not too far from the gas station we filmed at before. Some of the people who have been involved have already finished up so we didn’t get to see everyone unfortunately, but still quite a number of cast/crew were here and it was great catching up with everyone. Then came the filming. Kinda strange that we were filming in the day time-since NoSS is usually done at night. I was basically the set photographer for this weekend-as well as acting. Good thing I did this on past NoSS shoots cause I still had a number of those past pics in my camera and they helped w/ any continuity issues we may have had.

-The day went by pretty fast IMHO. Night time is falling quicker. We had a new addition to the NoSS Zombie family but I can’t say who yet πŸ™‚ After all that was done, it was my turn to get zombified. On the one hand, I’m used to it. On the other, it’s been over a month since I’ve done this. It’s always a kick when the process is all done and you’re ready to be filmed. Course, things were a little different. Most noticeably the weather. The last time I was in zombie mode, I was really warm internally-partially because it was warm & humid outside & partly because I sweat easily. So warm that the appliance (AKA the prosthetic AKA (to me) “Hamburger Helper”) was coming loose a number of times. This night, it was very cold out-and having cold blood poured on your arms amplified the effect. I was actually shaking for awhile-but you make due you know? I was on the ground for awhile this night so my arms were also covered in dirt, leaves, twigs, grass, etc. By the time I was done, it was around 3:30 AM. As usual, I can’t post any zombie / special FX pics till after the movie has been released. They were still shooting though till around 5:30 AM. We were all pretty much exhausted-and then it was an hour drive back to the motel in Stevens City. Me & Rebecca were roomies again and we both quick fell asleep.

10/16/2011-We arrived at the motel in Stevens City around 6:30. Me & Rebecca were roomies and we got in and quickly fell asleep. We had to be up by around 11 though. I got up and went to use the shower. To my frustration, there was no way that I saw to activate the shower! The faucet ran fine but no switch /handle that I could see to get the water to the shower head. That sucked. So I took a sponge bath-no hair washing-and went back to the main room. Rebecca then asked if I knew the trick to activating the shower in there. Apparently, at the faucet, there is a section right where the water is running out and you have to pull that. I’d never heard of such a thing-but I’m glad I know now-and so do all of you cause I took a pic of it and posted it in the album πŸ™‚

-So I was back in the shower. Not as good as the one I have at my place but I’m not complaining. Just glad to have one at all. Still had a lot of the stuff that was used to paste the appliance on me from last night on my skin-and I’d spent 45+ minutes working on removing it in the bathroom of the firehouse last night as is. It’s not all easy street folks-but it’s all worth it.

-We got ready and then drove back to the firehouse again for more shooting. We started filming around 2 I believe and finished around 7-7:30. Everyone was doing a great job thru out this whole thing-the final cut will be intense!

-After a quick food stop, we were back on the road to CNY. Believe it or not, I barely slept at all. Spent most of the time talking to Becca & Ron. They took turns driving / sleeping. We arrived at around 3:00 AM and I got to my place around 4 AM. Pretty exhausted but glad that we’re getting closer to getting this done. Course, I had to be on the road for filming on another project 10 hours later so..Pics now up on my acting page on Facebook (non-FX / non-zombie).


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