11/5/2011-ACTING-More Double Day Filming of “Night of Something Strange”

11/4/2011-And here I am w/ more NoSS filming updates (at least the ones I’m involved in). I rode down with Rebecca & Kirk-and we started filming not too long after we arrived. It was cold & windy this night. I wasn’t “zombified” this night-I mainly took pics and was part of the crew working with the light reflectors. It was pretty windy this night was in the low 30’s. Kudos to both Rebecca & Kirk who both had to wear a short sleeve shirt/shorts combo during all of this. One interesting note to make is while Kirk was being “zombified”, we started hearing a couple next door have sex-loudly I might add. I thought their headboard was going to break! 🙂

11/5/2011-this night I was “zombified” and for at least 6 hours. Trey had come up and we finally finished scene 40-a large scene that was the 1st scene filmed way back in August! The wind wasn’t as bad this night-but it was colder-down to 27 degrees. There was frost on car windshields. We got thru it.Kudos to Trey cause not only did he have to wear hardly anything out there at times, but he also had to get wet (!) several times. I wear an “appliance” (as a prosthetic is called) on my face when in zombie mode ad it kept coming loose. My theory is it’s getting to heavy for the adhesive to hold properly. Plus I tend to heat up real quick which means I start to sweat. Got thru it though-although some of the pics taken were of me when it was loose and-at times-it looked like I was ranging from chewing a huge wad of tobacco to having a Goiter 🙂 I still have a lot left to film, but now it’s a few less things to do. Pics are now up on my acting page on Facebook. (Non FX / non zombie).


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