9/11/2011-ACTING-More Filming on “Rise Up & Fall”-Plus 9/11 Tribute

-it has been over a year I believe since I last did filming on “Rise Up & Fall.” This is actually the 2nd film I ever worked on. Kinda funny cause it will be weird for me watching the final version cause there are basically 2 versions of me (1 a year apart from the other) in the film-and as anyone who has been following me since the start of 2011 knows, there have been a lot of changes in almost all areas of my life.

-Before we started filming, Brian set up the camera and then we all stood before it and gave our respects as well as a moment of silence in remembrance to all the victims & families affected by the 9/11/01 attack.

-It took us awhile to get to location-kinda funny how the location was up North and Brian got on the 81 South road initially 🙂 It was a trek and when we got there…well, you can see by the pics. You wanna talk about a wrecked house…

-The shooting went at a pretty even pace. There are some pics that I can’t show till the movie is released. Basically, in this scene there’s a gun battle. While I can show people shooting, I can’t (yet) post pics of effects or who got shot & killed. I will say it was fun to fire blanks from a gun-when it worked 🙂 It jammed on me a few times. I think there might be even some blooper footage of me doing the 1st shooting take and I’m shooting the pistol and nothing is happening 🙂

-This was my last scene to do in this film (unless Brian calls me back for something) and I know Brian has been editing the film as he’s been going a long so it won’t be long before it’s all done. I know he’s put a lot of time & hard work into it-as have all the other cast/crew for this-and I think the results will reward those efforts greatly. Special kudos to Brian for giving me the opportunity to work on this years ago-which helps set me on the path I am on now. I will post here when the movie will be ready for release & sale-keep an eye out for it!


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