9/17/2011-ACTING-Second Day Filming on “For Tomorrow We Die”

-My 2nd day of shooting-and this was a long one. Only 2 scenes but the 1st one was long-basically a built up to where-in the end-I get killed. Sarge & Jabilo get into an argument in the trenches and I intercede basically laying into Sarge. The argument is escalating when I get shot in the head-as well as a few of the other extras. They try to save me but it doesn’t happen. It was fun to do, although as you can see from the pics, this trench area was not made for people over 6′ tall-and I’m about 6’3″ πŸ™‚ In one pic you can see that-in order to deliver my lines-I basically had to be in a horse stance. Good thing I’ve been doing plyometrics via P90X huh? πŸ™‚

-After all the angles & dialog were shot from me, Sarge & Jabilo-then came the time for me to get shot-or to put it another way, to show that I’d been shot. Basically I had to move my head like it’d been hit, go limp body wise while throwing myself to the right-all at the same time. We did it several times for angles and was told I did a good job “selling it.” Hope so πŸ™‚ And no, I actually had no problem with body pain or anything . It just happens so fast.

-Then it was lunch time and, after that, came the FX. As you can see from the pics, I got a nice little chunk taken out of my head-proving that white helmets are nice target indicators (HA!) πŸ™‚ So I was on the ground while various shots and angles were done.
-Then we had to clean up all the blood and stuff cause the next scene shot was at a time before the last one. We actually went to a place to get some lava soap cause the wipes weren’t taking off the blood. Then we shot the next scene and I think all the shots were done before the sun went down.-I had a great time. I always do, but it always even more so when you have a great cast & crew around you. I have next weekend off from filming here due to more filming with “Night of Something Strange” (NoSS)-a zombie movie-but will be back for more filming here the weekend after that. Looking forward to both πŸ™‚ Pics are now up on my acting page on Facebook.



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