8/21/2022 – ACTING – Pics / Recap From Filming on “Tales of Dracula: Dracula Meets The Wolfman” (7/23/22).

7/23/2022 – This was the day I went on the road to shoot for TALES OF DRACULA: Dracula Meets The Wolfman. It was just to re-do the final fight scene. I got off to a late start and missed call by over two hours. I’d already messaged a day or two earlier that I would be late anyways, but part of the lateness was due to a car accident. Traffic slowed to a crawl for several miles. There was even a notification on my GPS about it. Looks like a guy’s car had burst into flames somehow. I just saw the charred remains. Saw the guy sitting on a guard rail, looking so dejected…

-I get there and the first thing make-up artist Ron Chamberlain says to me is, “What happened to your hair?” I had a bad feeling about this – and had even told director Joe DeMuro about my concerns months earlier, but one of the lovely “aftereffects” that having Covid Pneumonia left me was accelerated hair loss. I would say I’ve lost almost 50% of my hair in the first half of this year. I used to have thick, fine hair. Now it’s thin and coarse. I’ve been using several things to try to jump start hair growth, but it has only gone so far. There’s an obvious difference, but we filmed anyways. It’s very disappointing to me, but I did everything I could. At least I got this far.Three months earlier I thought I’d end up having a skullet – it was starting to get that bad.

-In addition, the right FX contact wasn’t fitting right and caused me irritation thru out the day. My eye was kind of messed up the next day for almost all day, but it recovered.

-On top of that, it was very hot and humid this day – at least in the 90’s if not more. I was basically sweating the makeup off as fast as it was put on. I had to go to my car several times to try to cool off with the air conditioning in there. Me being a “sweater” didn’t help things. I even filmed a few videos of myself with updates as I was in the car.

-I have to say that what we shot today for the fight scene was a lot better than what was done before so that was good. Towards the end, the clasp for my cape broke – as did the spare – so we did the best we could. I was there for about 12 hours and didn’t get home till just before 2:00 AM.

-So now with that out of the way, we just have the new footage scenes to film and that’s that.

-Below are two short videos I made while trying to cool off via my car’s AC early on in the filming. Pics can be seen on my Acting Page on Facebook via the link below.



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