8/8/2022 – R.I.P. – Olivia Newton-John

-I was at my “normal” job this day and on my last break when I saw news that Dame OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN had passed away following her long battle with breast cancer. As time goes on, more and more people pass on, whether it’s celebrities or people you actually know ( perhaps both). It’s part of advancing age. As the years march on, more and more celebrities who were grew up with on the movies, TV and / or the radio are reaching the end of their journeys in life. I only post about the ones who made a big impact on me, and Olivia Newton-John was certainty one of those.

-Many discovered her thru the movies (usually GREASE, but I actually discovered her thru the radio via many of the songs she sang in the 70s and 80s. While obviously a beautiful woman, what I found most appealing to her was her voice; powerful yet sensuous. I’d never heard a voice that affected me as much as hers (the ladies in ABBA – Agnetha Faltskog and Anna-Frid Lyngstad were the closest). It would also depend on the song, of course, but the one that always hits me the hardest is “Magic” – which you can see / hear below. Just a brilliant song all around. There are more obviously…With her passing, I feel as a little more of my childhood has moved on…

-In addition, as mentioned earlier, she passed after a long battle with Breast Cancer, the same thing which ended the journey of my ex-wife JESSICA MCGUIRE. On top of that was an event that happened between these two that kind of left my mind in a mess for a time. With them all, I can’t even imagine what it is like to know what goes thru your mind, in this way, as you race closer towards life’s finale. I will one day, as will we all…

R.I.P. Dame Olivia Newton-John.


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