7/17/2017-ACTING-Recap From Filming on “The Lamb” (Dirty Sweater Productions)

-7/8/2017-The night before had me attending the 10th Anniversary of MAD ANGEL FILMS, where I won the award for “Best Villain in a Mad Angel Film” (Tybalt in ROMEO 3000). I spent the night in the Utica area and was back on the road early in the morning heading out to Albany-in a strong downpour no less. Weeks before I’d been contacted by Charity Buckbee, who I’d worked with previously on a few MAF projects, asking if I’d like to play the role of a sleazy bad guy in the short film “The Lamb” by DIRTY SWEATER PRODUCTIONS and directed by Kyle Kleege. I haven’t done as much filming in Eastern New York as I would like (same with Western NY btw)-plus a few other factors- so I got on-board. I end up driving in an area of Albany where I think the common height of a person was five feet (HA!). Roads were a lot narrower-kinda felt a tad like I was in NYC. I ended up in one of those dorm neighborhoods and it’s pretty much like deja vu with those in Syracuse-only I didn’t encounter a person sleeping on the floor passed out due to partying the night before 🙂 ……….

-I got to meet some new people, which is always cool, as well as re-connect with a few I’d worked with previously-notably Jamie Morgan (who was also at the MAF event the night before) and Richard Lounello-who I’d worked with on “Battledogs” years ago. My filming was basically done in a day. I will say that this was a first for me cause, in the scene, the way I was acting is usually towards a woman -I’ll just leave it at that 🙂 I got some nice compliments on my acting-which is always appreciated. Towards late afternoon I was back out on the road again towards Syracuse……….

-I want to thank all involved for putting up with me and my cornball jokes (HA!) during this take. You can check out a bunch of stills taken during filming on the Dirty Sweater Productions page on Facebook.


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