7/16/2017-HONORS / AWARDS-Wayne W. Johnson Wins “Best Villain” Award at Mad Angel Films 10th Anniversary Event

-7/7/2017–I was invited out to MAD ANGEL FILM‘s 10th Anniversary Part that was held on July 7, 2017. Ten years earlier was, I believe, when they started filming their first film “Brackish” (not to be confused with the movie filmed in 2015 by MAF that goes by the same name (what I call “Neo-Brackish.” 🙂 ) I started working with MAF in 2011 just as I made the transition to full time actor-starting with the films “Night Run” and “Stone.” Since that time I’ve been in at least 15+ projects from MAF. As I said at the awards ceremony, both Matt Peters and Jason Covey (along with Syracuse based film makers Ron Bonk and Brian Hewitt) took a chance on me when I made the commitment to acting ( back then, if I was known for anything, it was as the singer / guitarist for CAROLINE BLUE and / or just as “that big Indian looking guy”:) and am forever in their debt……….

“Awards show?” Yep-there was an award show here-and I was actually nominated for several of the awards, including the following…Best or In Some Cases Worst Law Enforcement officer in a Mad Angel movie (Sheriff Merlock in Brackish Remake) / Best Fight Scene in a Mad Angel Film (Tybalt (me) vs Romeo ( John Mac Schnurr) in ROMEO 3000) / Best Sidekick in a Mad Angel Film (Tonto / Randy in Failman) / Best Dramatic Scene Performance in a Mad Angel Film ( Tybalt (me) and Mercutio (Berndele March) / Best Death-Murder Scene in a Mad Angel Film (“Zombie Massacre” in “Blessed are the Meek” (aka “Prey of the Livind Dead” from the film “Empire State of the Dead”)- (me, Melissa Brass, Mariah Joyce, Cassandra Hayes and Leanne Marie) and Best Villain in a Mad Angel Film (Tybalt (me) in Romeo 3000). Not bad huh? At least I wasn’t in the running for the Best Pantless Male in Mad Angel Films right? 🙂 I only won one of these awards, but to me, it was the highest one on that list-Best Villain. This is actually my first award that I’ve won in regards to my acting so it has a special place. You will be able to see several others who won via the pics………..

-I do have some video from the event which I will be posting on my networks in a week or two. I had a good time and it was great to re-connect with several people-some who I haven’t seen in years. Extra kudos to Berndele March-who was the Master of Ceremonies here and did get job of it. As I said that night, thanks to all the great cast and crew who have been with MAF from day one till now-it’s grown a lot since I started with them in 2011. Extra thanks to both Matt & Jason again and hope to be around when the 20th Anniversary award show takes place. Pics are up on my acting page on Facebook.


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