1/19/2015-ACTING-Doing Some ADR Work For “Tales of Dracula” & Update

-01/18/2015-I was brought back to the land of Da Bing (Binghamton) to do some ADR for TALES OF DRACULA. I had the impression that I had to redo ALL of my lines. When I got there, via bus, I found out that wasn’t the case. In fact, it only three scenes. What’s nice is I had headphones so I could hear what I originally said-all I had to do was say the lines in time with that with the same tone and cadence (and “feel”). I’ve done ADR before so I wasn’t worried and, for the most part, this session went smoothly. Had a few lines that I initially had some stumbling, but I knew I’d get it. The last one was the only one I was a little concerned with cause it involved me screaming in a lower, rough tone for about 8 or so seconds. I asked if I could do that last just in case. There was a BTS camera going but, unfortunately, wasn’t on when I did my initial volume test for the scream. Tom had me step back a few feet from the Mic and asked me to do it like I would. I did and he immediately yanked off his headphones yelling “Oh fuck no!” (HA!). I ended up being in the far corner of the room and I was still being too loud. Having said all that,I basically nailed it and the safety take 1st time.

-We got done earlier than planned as well and hung out, went out to dinner, and got some info on how things are going with the film. Some of it I can’t say yet, but I can say that it’s very close towards a picture lock (all filming done). Basically one more VO to go from one of the other actors. In case you didn’t see posts on this, “Tales of Dracula” is set to premiere at the Monster Bash Conference June 2015. Check out the FB page for the film for advanced ticket info and more updates on the film. Hopefully the movie will be enough of a success to make the ideal of the next “Tales” to be made-which I’ve been told, if happening, I will be returning as “Dracula.” Big thanks to everyone involved and for the Wolfbain production team for bringing me aboard.Hope you all enjoy this film. Pics from yesterday. as well as from the entire shoot, can be seen on my acting page on Facebook.


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