1/14/2015-FINANCIAL-I Just Joined The Tzu Social Network-First Social / Payment Platform Where Users Own Content

-Here’s something that I find interesting that I’d like to share with everyone here. At the very least, it’s an interesting experiment in how to get PAID-plus it’s FREE 🙂

I didn’t believe this at first until I watched a story they did on the Fox Business Channel, so I won’t be offended if you don’t believe me either. But here is the link. See for yourself!

-I got a heads up from this from Mark Edward Lewis (director of the Star Trek New Voyages: Phase 2 episode “Mind Sifter” ) about a new social network site called “Tzu.” I can hear you already…”Not ANOTHER social network to be on…” This one is a little different.

-First, for those who use Facebook, the basic format should be very familiar to you as it’s set up very similar.

-Second, you have an opportunity to make money off of this site doing what you normally do on Facebook. Below is how this new platform, which can only be joined by invitation only (click on this link to join


) , is described by Mark…

The ANSWER to Facebook making all the money off you:

I see a lot of people complain about Facebook but nobody seems to know what to do about it. They complain about their posts and personal information being sold, and they post ridiculous statements about not allowing Facebook to use their info, but of course, none of that makes any difference.

Well, I am happy to say that I’ve found a really nice social media site that makes money just like Facebook, but with a great big catch… they pay the members 90% of their earnings. The people that post and share content are the ones driving activity on the site, so the owners pay them the biggest share, i.e. they pay you for posting!

So how do they do it? Well, you know all the little ads all over your Facebook page? Facebook makes money on all of them. This site works the same way except they give their members 90% of that ad revenue back! And it’s totally free to sign up. No fees ever.

Are you going to make a million dollars overnight? No. I’ve been on there about a week and only made a few cents. But then I don’t really have any friends right now. The more friends you have, the more people that see your posts, the more money you make. AND, when your friends add their friends, you get a percentage of those posts too! Think Facebook with members paid on a multi-level marketing pay structure. The earlier you get in, the more you’ll make.

I had one friend say he doesn’t want to join right now because none of his friends are there. Obviously, he doesn’t get it, because THAT’S PERFECT!! You want to be the one inviting all of your friends, not the other way around, because then you make money off of all of THEIR posts too!! And you make money when THEIR friends post, and their friends, and so on, and so on.

-Here’s another link to an article on Tzu from Billboard


It took Facebook 852 days to reach 10 million users.
It took Twitter 780 days.
Tsu just reached 2 million users in 74 days.

-Here’s my invitation to you to join Tzu. The best time to get involved in anything that has potential to get huge is at the beginning and this is your chance to be part of this.


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