1/5/2014-ACTING-Last Day Filming on “Slade Collins & The Tree of Life”

-01052014-My last scenes to be filmed for “Slade Collins & The Tree of Life.” Most of the filming was done in Summer 2013. I can’t reveal why, but we end up in a winter environment towards the end…while still wearing summer gear of course. Luck was on our side as not only did it not start raining till nightfall, but all the shooting was in the daytime, so the sun helped us a little bit. Having said that, it was a tad freezing (OK…more than a tad) but we all got thru it.

-We started in Utica and then made our way to location in Little Falls. Then we had to hike thru the snow about a half mile to do a shot of Ryan Santiago walking thru the snow. Then hike the opposite direction and then another half mile to the other location. Basically, if we weren’t filming, the jackets, gloves and hand warmers stayed on. The final area was covered in ice with snow on top of that. I discovered that myself when I had to lie face down for my death scene (which was done before the fight) and my right side of my face was in contact with the ice under the snow. You bet I got up real quick when Matt said “Cut!” πŸ™‚

-Then (actually b4 I was on the ground) filming was done on Melissa Seelman Peters in her new winter wear outfit πŸ™‚ She was in an area of almost pure ice, which lead to a few comic moments (some of which might have been caught on film) πŸ™‚ Then Me and James Davaul finished a scene we had and then he did his remaining stuff.

-Then came the fight. Director / Producer Matt Peters broke it down for us and we rehearsed it a few times and then went for it. There were a few start-stops due to use basically fighting on ice. We both got thrown around a number of times. I got my arms bruised and scratched in several places. Ryan got one small bruise-hey, he’s the hero ya know! πŸ™‚ We both would basically stop and get the coats / gloves from Alissa Scherb to thaw out as soon as exposed flesh hit the ice. I have to admit that’s a different kind of pain. While there were times that our hands seemed to lose all feeling in between shots, there were no major injuries and we got the footage we needed-and then we quickly left to get back to the cars. After that Matt took us all out to eat at one of his favorite places.

-I just posted some pics I took with my phone in addition to this. They are on my acting page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/wwjofficial I believe Matt will be posting stills from the filming sometime tomorrow.

-So unless I’m in need of a pickup for something, my filming for “Slade Collins & The Tree of Life” is done. Next month I start filming on “Slade Collins 2: In & Out of Time” SC&TTOL should be out before year’s end. Keep an eye out for news and updates on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SladeCollinsAndTheTreeOfLife

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