12/31/2013-UPDATE-2013 Recap

-Another year has come and gone. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like the years are passing by faster (I know, it’s called getting older but still…). I usually don’t say “this year was great / sucks” due to the fact that all years are filled with ups and downs-some more with one or the other. Plus, I’m more of a ‘takes things day by day” type of person. And while I’m not a “blind” optimist (If there are weeds in your garden, you don’t just look at them and go “There’s no weeds!” (x3) and actually expect them to be gone ( a little Tony Robbins there for ya :)), I do work on aligning myself toward that train of thought more often than not.

-Having said that, 2013 was a rough year for me. Much more loss / disappointments that in the last couple of years. Those things are to be expected regardless of what path you are on, but in regards to my current path, it hit me much harder in 2013. Quite the test of resolve on several levels. While I will not say things can’t get any worse (they can ALWAYS get worse), for awhile it did feel like I was getting closer to rock bottom. However, I do feel that I am on the start of an upswing, albeit at a very slow pace, so that’s good…

-I couldn’t say everything was bad for me in 2013 anyways because that would be a lie. There were a number of cool and great things that happened. Earlier in the year I made a conscious decision to start focusing on getting more lead / supporting roles and for the most part succeeded. If you were to compare my yearly acting jobs, I did more than twice the amount in 2012 than in 2013. Looking at the list though, the main reason is that a good chunk of those jobs in 2012 were extra / featured extra / day player roles. There is nothing wrong with doing that kind of work, but I want to do lead / supporting work so while I’m doing less, the parts I’m doing require me to do more. (How’s that for a touch of zen?). I’ve also started to decrease the number of free jobs as well-not because I’m “above” doing that sort of thing, but mainly due to the fact that, financially, I can’t afford to do many of them at this time. As a result, there were a number of jobs that I either had to pass on and / or say no to. That doesn’t mean I’m not looking for acting jobs. I keep track of all the acting jobs I go for and if you could see that list, you’d see that the number of times I’m “Not Selected” is around 4-5x (+) that of “Selected.”

-2014 looks to be a busy year for me. (what else is new right? 🙂 ) Acting wise, on the horizon is the film “Dying to Survive” (JD Film) which starts filming in a few weeks. I should be finishing up filming for “Slade Collins & The Tree of Life” (Mad Angel Films) by this coming Sunday and then, next month start filming on “Slade Collins 2: In & Out of Time.” (Mad Angel Films). I’m also slated to start filming on a larger production called “Nature of the Beast” (Rising Fyre Productions) in October. There are some other projects, some new & some recurring, that are still either in the talking / building stages and / or I’m waiting on word as to whether I’m to be used or not). In addition, it would appear that 2014 is the year that a good amount of the projects I’ve done will be released. You never know though…stuff from 2010-11 (let alone 2012 and this year) still haven’t been released so… I also have some plans / ideas in the works to get me up to the next level.

-Music wise, CAROLINE BLUE played at The Fusion Room in May of 2013. There are already plans for another possible show (maybe more) in 2014. The CB website is currently being overhauled and will hopefully re-launch by Summer 2014. There are a lot of “holes” in the “good ship” CAROLINE BLUE and I am doing my best to get them all fixed. New music videos and recorded music are also being worked on so hopefully they will come to fruition in 2014 as well. I’ve also been asked to play a role in 2 one-off band projects so, time permitting, they will hopefully see the light of day.

-I also met / worked with a lot of wonderful people this year (and, admittedly, some not so wonderful (HA!) :). Most, but not all, via acting projects. Thru them and other means, I’ve grown as a person and I want to thank all those who have helped me to do so as well as all those who are in support of the things that I do. I’m very honored by it and it helps me a lot. Extra kudos & thanks to my parents, Cassandra Hayes, Sarah Bryant & Scruffy. 🙂

-BTW, another cool thing about 2013-I finally took the floating wreck that was my 2007 personal website and got all of it on a brand new one this year (Go Me!) 🙂 . You probably kinda knew that cause that is where you’re reading this (all 2 of you-HA!-unless it’s being shared and read elsewhere…)

-2014 approaches as 2013 leaves-a rough year for me, but still with a number of good points. I’m looking forward to making 2014 better and more productive. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and, if you are out tonight, please don’t drink & drive. To end with a cliche-See y’all next year! 🙂

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