11/7/2012-ACTING-Back From Filming With Star Trek:Phase 2

-Hiya! Just got back from filming for about a week with Star Trek:Phase II. This was an ambitious shoot-especially for me. This was mostly a pick up /completing shoot for 3 episodes that have been waiting to get done-some as far back as 2009! One of the episodes worked on was “Bread & Savagery”-which was started this past June. Most of it was already done and I wasn’t needed for this as I was already done with my parts as Ensign Dawson Walking Bear. Another episode was called “Origins:The Protracted Man.” I wasn’t with STP2 when they filmed that and actually left before they started filming on this (they’re doing it right now). The 3rd is a big one for me. This is the episode called “Kitumba.”-I’m replacing the person who played the main Klingon Warlord-who’s name is Malkthon. It’s an awesome role and I put a lot into it. Some of the scenes that involved me and fellow actor Brian Tubbs were pretty intense! We both received a lot of praise from the crew-which is very satisfying and appreciative. Unfortunately, all my scenes for “Kitumba” didn’t get done so it looks like we’ll have to finish it off at the June 2013 shoot-hopefully. I took a bunch of pics, but can’t show them until they’re approved. There is one approved pic that has me in Klingon makeup & gear on the WWJ PAGE ON FACEBOOK. Most people say they can’t even tell it’s me! 🙂


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