10/28/2012-ACTING-Last Weekend With Swamp Road Terror

-10/26/2012-I arrived about 5 minutes before we started. luckily, this version of “Horace Merkins” doesn’t take long to transform 🙂 I came dressed for it to be chilly like last week but it was actually warm so by group 2 I was peeling off layers of clothes-last thing I needed was to collapse due to heat exhaustion. Sammy wasn’t able to make it this night so this night was similar in vibe to my 1st night here. Had some good groups here. One thing stood out for me. In the room after I’d done w/ my 2nd “hit”, the woman turned around and said to me “You know look like Gene Simmons.” LOL. And yes, this IS while wearing the mask. I guess both do have chubby cheeks 🙂 I had a fun night & we actually got out a little later than normal.

-10/27/2012-We had a bus pull up loaded with people early on so we were constantly busy for the 1st few hours. Even though it was the last official day for the trail (not sure if the house will be open tomorrow), since this was the ;last weekend before Halloween, we knew it would be slower due to all the house parties and bars having Halloween events and stuff. The trail was a little short crew wise so they really had to hustle this night. Another fun night. The grating I hit w/ my wrench during my 2nd “hit” was starting to fall apart-guess I was “overdoing it” again 🙂 One standout moment was after the 2nd “hit” one of the guys in the group said to a girl “Don’t worry-he only goes after the pretty ones”. So as I was slowly following them into the maze (which is not only narrow but pitch black), I was hissing loudly “Pretty”-and he heard me saying “Oh now he’s mocking me!” 🙂 That was fun. 🙂 I had a great time w/ this and am glad that I had a chance to work w/ some great people. Now it’s back to the more “lethal” version of “Horace” in “The Dollmaker.”


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