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8/18/2012-UPDATES-Working on This & Trip to Sterling Renaissance Festival

-As you may or may have not noticed, I’ve been putting more working into getting this thing that I call my website fully updated & operational. While I still don’t have all the NEWS updates done as of yet, almost … Continue reading

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7/13/2012-PETS-Scruffy Update

-I took Scruffy to the vet earlier today for another round of shots. Has one more Leukemia shot to go. He’s up to 6.7 lbs now & still growing. Still being feisty too. For those who don’t know, me & … Continue reading

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-After break ups in relationships, people seem to fall-mainly-into one of two categories. They either want nothing to do with their former love or wish for a second chance. Sometimes this can flip flop at a moments notice! 🙂 When … Continue reading

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