7/10/2021 – REVIEWS – “How to Beat Every DEATH in “Night of Something Strange” with “Vladimir Putin.”

And now, for something really different…As you may or may not know, I once played the role of the sex-zombie Cornelius (who starts all the chaos) in the horror / comedy / zombie film NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE. There have been a ton of reviews (good & bad) about this film and there’s a whole list of them-and links to them-on my personal site. Having said that, I’ve never encountered a video review quite like this… It’s about 10 minutes long and he kind of has three different reviews of the film-while it’s playing at high speed behind him. The clincher? It’s been doing by Russian President “Vladimir Putin” (??!!). Enjoy… 😮😃

BTW – For more reviews about NoSS, click HERE.

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