3/28/2021 – THINKING – The Tragedy of Connie Tuori and Skyline Apartments – Syracuse, NY

-I’ve been following this story for a few weeks-and it just seems to get more & more horrific…

-By the reports from past articles; it’s bad enough that the person being charged for the murder has been arrested previously (at least 10 times in 2020-2021 alone) and basically released each time (it would seem via NY state bail reform laws), bad enough that that she seemed to target elderly people and that this poor woman, Connie Tuori, was murdered in her apartment, but reports are saying she was killed on February 26-yet her body wasn’t discovered until March 17-that’s three weeks later (!).

-Worse-not only did a surveillance camera catch the woman charged with her murder following Mrs.Tuori into her apartment, but her, as well as several other people, were also seen going in and out her apartment after the murder (presuming to loot but Gods know what else)- while her body was still inside decomposing (!!) (which can start up to three days after death). Unreal… It’s like out of a horror movie.

-I know there are other sad, tragic and traumatic stories that happen in Syracuse and in other places, but this one seemed to hit me harder for reasons I’m not a hundred percent sure of. Below is a link to a video from Syracuse.com where they show how bad the stairways can be there. It’s been reported that, in the stairways, there are many cases of people doing drugs, violence, theft, sex and more – even using the stairways like an open bathroom (!).

-As per this article, there has yet to be a statement by the owners of this complex, in regards to not only this murder but the horrific conditions this complex, which was once a place for the wealthy, has deteriorated into. I can only imagine how much worse things get as this story continues to unfold.

-I’ve added several links below for anyone who would like to get up to date on the story. Most are from Syracuse. com – which I believe only allows a certain amount of views before having you subscribe to read. A few of the links are from CNYCentral.com – which don’t ask for subscriptions. They have articles on the story as well-but not as in-depth as the ones on Syracuse.com (as far as I have seen).

UPDATE-One of the owners, Troy Green, has released a statement via a phone interview with CNYCentral. The link has been added below.

-As I kind of suggested above, I can only imagine how much worse the details are once this all gets into court. For example, how is it that no one reported the smell of a decomposing body in all the weeks it was just laying there? Who were these people going in and out of her apartment and what were they doing in there? Were any of them identified via the surveillance tape? How can so many people just act like nothing happened? Why didn’t the family try to contact her before they did? With me, a week didn’t go by where I didn’t call my parents at least once per week (usually more) to check in and see how they were doing. Yes I know-not everyone is me and from what I read, her family loved her very much and did their best for her but still…I also read that family members had asked her to move out several times but she refused. Unfortunately, that unwillingness to move cost Mrs. Tuori her life. May her and her family be given justice for this heinous crime.

-This has been on my mind for quite awhile and, as I mentioned earlier, has hit me harder than others. I’m sure part of the reason is taking care of my elderly Mom since my Dad passed in late 2019… Another factor could be due to me having Sarcoidosis-with one of its effects being that it amplifies emotional response. I’ve seen myself tear up more with movies and such so I know this is in play. I feel like I have become more empathetic than before the disease on several fronts. In relation to that, something like this adds to some of my concerns as to when I get older. We’re all going on that ride-and by doing so, we all get weaker and less able to take care of (or defend) ourselves as time marches on. Elderly abuse also seems on the rise, which disgusts me. It seems like even though technology seems to keep advancing, human beings (more often than not) seem to be regressing. In general, and in my opinion, people are becoming more and more desensitized as time goes on. An example, as reported HERE, this guy attacked an elder Asian woman and, when she was on the ground, repeatedly stomped on her head while yelling racial slurs, then just walked away with several bystanders doing nothing to help. Worse-this guy was on parole for killing his mother (!) back in 2002. Why the hell was this guy out walking the streets? Between more and more stories like these occurring more frequently as well as things like that “wonderful” bail reform law NY has, I just can’t believe how bad it seems to be getting out there…






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  1. UPDATE – Now labelled as “Murder by Torture” – utterly heinous…
    Click HERE to read.


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