12/15/2020-ACTING-Update on “Zillafoot”

-This is a film I was in along with Cassandra Hayes, Jeff Kirkendall , and others. Nice to see that it’s getting an official release – I played the role of Dr. Mosku in this. It’s actually one of my favorite roles because not only was I playing out of my “type” but this was all done in “English Dub” ( Think of the dialogue in all those old Saturday generic kung-fu movies) so that added to all the fun šŸ™‚ The following is a message from Ron Bonk from SRS CINEMA LLCā€¦

Hello all, would you like to be part of a kaiju movie?!First, check out this amazing art! Years ago, we produced “Zilla Foot” which some of you may have caught on our Vimeo channel. It’s just under 1 hour and with its quick ending, basically unfinished. Plans were to shoot a wraparound, something akin to the Americanized version of “Godzilla vs King King”, however those plans have never materialized… until now. We are currently working on a new cut of the movie plus added footage to pad it out, with a brand new release starting in Feb 2021, and you can be a part of that!We’re looking for volunteers interested in shooting short segments to be inserted into the feature – some are basic ideas (such as podcast, phone recordings, etc), some are a little more involved (maybe some costumes, set decoration, but still not too complicated). We presents ideas/suggestions, and if we’re in agreement, you write what you want, shoot it how you want, etc. The requirements would be 2k or higher footage, with solid sound, delivered via digital download. Interested? Drop me an email to discuss. Spots are limited. Thanks!

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