7/21/2019-MUSIC-Live Video of “Heaven & Hell” (Black Sabbath) at Four Large Men Tribute Show

July 5, 2019 – This is a performance of the BLACK SABBATH song “Heaven & Hell” by the remaining members of FLM (Roy Coston (COSTON, Lovebone) on Guitar, Mike Merrifield (Dogs on Mars, Joey Belladonna Band) on Drums, Wayne W Johnson (CAROLINE BLUE) on Bass) and Mary Meacham (Ardent, DC Strut) on Vocals.

This was performed at The Oneida American Legion in Oneida, NY on 7/5/2019 at a tribute show for the members of FLM who have passed away including Kevin Meacham, Richard K Richmond and, earlier this year, Jerry Yerman.

This was performed sans any group rehearsal and Mike, Roy, and Wayne haven’t performed all together in 20 years.

TRIVIA- As Roy points out at the end of the video when we (FLM) used to perform this, Jerry would be putting so much into singing this song that, sometimes, after the song, he’d have to go backstage and throw up…

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