11/4/2018-ACTING-Final Days Filming on “She Dances With Matches.”

-11/2-3/2018 – The final days of filming with horror short film “She Dances With Matches.” Location for this part was in Willamstown, NY -which Google Maps loved taking me a different way each time I went up there. The first night was the heavier night for me cause I had to get physical as well as saying lines. It was fun and, with the exception of one moment where the line just disappeared out of my head (old age?) pretty much what I did was one take line wise. Action wise, of course, was more than once but not a problem. It’s actually a little harder to breathe wearing that mask than I had anticipated, but it was all good. Some latex got spilled onto my pants (as you can see from the one pic) so I did my best to cover it up. Course, I was in a Wal-Mart later that night (sans mask) so I’m sure people were wondering if I needed to know what isle the depends were 🙂 The next day was a quick one for me-just a few things and I was wrapped. I found out director Frankie Heagle had actually seen me in the short film BRIARWOOD a few years earlier, which planted the seeds for me being here. I had a good time and and the cast / crew were great to work with. Looking forward to seeing the final cut and hope it does well. Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook.


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