8/14/2018-INTERVIEW-Al Doshna Interviews Wayne W. Johnson (Written)

Below is a link to a written interview I did with Al Doshna, who I worked with on two films by MAD ANGEL FILMS (SLADE COLLINS: In & Out of Time and ROMEO 3000) as well as on HOUSE SHARK (SRS CINEMA LLC). The link goes to a Google Plus page and it’s in two parts. The way it’s spread out is, from left to right, first is an intro, then part one, then-below them-part 2. Some of the topics include NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, various films with Mad Angel Films & SRS Cinema LLC, JOHNNY Z, CAROLINE BLUE, Cats and my postings of memes and quotes on my Facebook page:) Since it’s a written interview, my answers are kind of long (SPOILERS-HA!) but Al did ask me some questions that haven’t been presented to me as of yet so I hope you enjoy it.



About Wayne W. Johnson

Hiya-this is WWJ & thanks for dropping by to my site! I hope you enjoy your visit to my home away from home online. If you have any questions, comments and /or concerns about this site, please let me know via the CONTACT page. Thanks & best wishes to you & yours!
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