9/2/2017-ACTING-Recap From Filming on “They’re Here” (White Lion Studios)

-Seven days before filming I got a message from director Ken Cosentino asking if I wanted to be in a short film / trailer that he was producing. It’s called “They’re Here” (WHITE LION STUDIOS)-a sci-fi theme that wouldn’t take too long, but had an early call time-plus I was told it was for the role of “Vincent”-one of the leads. It would also be out near the Buffalo, NY area. I’ve wanted to work on some past projects with Ken for some time-and even sent a video audition for a project that didn’t get off the ground- but for various reasons things didn’t line up back then so I said yes and started making arrangements to get there. (Biking was definitely out-HA!) 🙂

-I arrived just before the call time (8 AM) and saw a number of familiar faces- among them director Greg Lamberson (KILLER RACK-which, when I initially heard about it, was too late for me to audition) who I first met on the set of BATTLEDOGS-I still remember when, I think it was you Greg, who put me in “time out” for a scene or two on that set cause I was playing too many roles 🙂 BTW-Ken was also on that set and even mentioned remembering the day I got badly injured-a day I wish I could forget… ; actor Michael O’Hear (from past horror conventions), and soundmaster Michael McFadden (from “Mohawk”-who told me how to properly pronounce my character’s name from that -which I’ve already forgotten 🙂 ). Ken ran a very pro set up, which made things even easier during filming.

-I didn’t really have to do too much, per se, this day. Since I was told to look kinda bum-ish, I didn’t even put any makeup on (I’m sure that will pick up great on a 4K-YIKES-HA! 🙂 ) and had to be pretty much calm till the end. I got some nice kudos for my performance-which is always appreciated. Before I knew it, I was done. I did accompany the cast and crew to a place in the city (which was as congested as I remember) where we had lunch. Met a few more people from the cast, but I couldn’t stay for the rest of filming- as I had to be on the road cause duty called later that night and I was already on low fumes as is so…

-I had a good time and it was good to work with all that were involved. Maybe this will take off and evolve into a feature film-hey, you never know 🙂 Thanks to all and hopefully we’ll work together again down the road in future projects. Special thanks to Ken for thinking of me for this and hopefully- (based on the quote of you saying you’ve waited five years to direct me 🙂 )- you’ll be directing me in future projects before another five years-same with you Greg! 🙂

Pics can be seen on my acting page on Facebook via the link below.


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