7/27/2017-ACTING-Recap From Filming on “ISO” (In Search Of) Last Weekend

-7/2017-About a month or so ago, I was contacted by film director Mark Polonia in regards to possibly auditioning for the roles of Clyde and / or Lang-hunters-in a new film he was shooting for ALTERNATIVE CINEMA / CAMP MOTION PICTURES called ISO (In Search Of)-which was known at that time as “Creature Feature.” This is a bigfoot movie that had no swearing in it where the main cast were 20 years old or younger. Kinda like NoSS back in the day (HA!) πŸ™‚ No, no, no….I chose to audition for Clyde and sent in a video audition. I got the role and was one of the first people on-board. I got permission to add some “spice” to my dialogue from both Mark and the writer of the script, John Oak Dalton-who I actually ran into at The Days of the Dead horror convention in Indianapolis earlier this year. Then came the look-Mark was looking for the older flannel shirt / jeans style so I just added a few touches. One was my voice-slower with a slight accent. Two-long hair and partially unshaven and three-the return of toothpicks πŸ™‚ Joe Cappelli will get a kick out of that… πŸ™‚

-Then came time to travel to Wellsboro, PA for a few days of filming. The last time I was there was years ago when filming on “Zillafoot” with Mark’s son Anthony. As before, I got to stay and chill in Anthony’s room. There’s nothing like trying to sleep while Ultraman and Godzilla are staring at you πŸ™‚

-Filming went well. Got to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Everyone was easy to work with and tolerated by bad jokes πŸ™‚ One mishap was on the first night, for some reason, I got a really bad cramp in my right calf at around 3:30 AM. Bad enough that I was glad that I had no running / fighting scenes on that day. This was my first set where a drone was used, so that was fun to see. “Clyde” kept calling it a big wasp πŸ™‚ We also watched some old 70’s films-ones that should have stayed there (HA!). They were fun though-definitely some wacky thinking behind them. In addition, TALES OF DRACULA got a spin. NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE was on deck, but I don’t know if they got to see it (certain people had to be in bed before it could be watched and, while I was there, we had early call times so… πŸ™‚

-And before I knew it, filming was over and I was heading back to Syracuse. I forgot to mention that my GPS was a little messed up on this trip. On the first day I drove into PA, but then drove BACK into NY for a little bit before entering PA again. On the way back, instead of having me get on 81N, the GPS took me thru all these back roads till I hit the thruway-which wasn’t needed. Oh well….I had a great time and look forward to seeing the movie as well as working on future projects with all involved.

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