7/11/2017-REVIEWS-“Night of Something Strange” Review by Owen Hughes for Failed Critics + Thoughts…

New Review (by Owen Hughes) of NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE by FAILED CRITICS– coinciding with it’s re-release on VoD by TERROR FILMS. Thanks Owen! \m/


-In addition…some of you may know that I do a lot of cross networking when it comes to social media. While I will post news, reviews, etc, here as well as sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc… this-my personal website-is the only place I’ll make some commentary in addition to the promo. It is my site after all right? 🙂 This is one of the first reviews I’ve seen since the re-launch of NoSS on VoD by Terror Films. Since I did see mention, in a Tweet, what I’m about to say, I thought I’d expound upon it here-especially in light of this fact I’m about to bring up.

-As you may (or may not notice) on seeing this article, the NoSS poster looks different from it’s original look. Here it is for reference…

The colors have been changed up for one thing; logo font is changed, credits missing at the bottom…. But the most notable change (to me of course) is that some of the figures from the original poster are missing-specifically Pam (Nicola Fiore), the police officer (Dave Meadows) and Cornelius (me). 😦 The reason, as I was told, was that the original seemed too “busy” so…I still can be seen as one of the tiny figures in the background and, more importantly, none of my scenes were cut from the actual film so…It’s just one of those things I guess…


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