6/29/2017-ACTING-Recap From Filming Last Weekend on Commercial (Kinney Drugs)

-I got an email from AMS MODELS AND TALENT INC asking for people to audition for a voice over job (paying) for a commercial for KINNEY DRUGS. This was followed by a call for extras (paying) for the same commercial. While I get a lot of job offers from AMS via email, I usually don’t reply because I was told upfront that it’s hard to “sell” me for commercial work due to my hair being long (and it’s currently longer than it has been in awhile). I don’t mind-I have other gigs with the hair so…I applied for both and ironically, I got the extra role (but not the voice-over) so I brought a few outfits with me to the Kinney Drugs store in Manlius, NY (I used to live in Manlius so there was another irony for me).

-Filming was on Saturday & Sunday ( 6/24-25, 2017 ). It turned out that I knew a number of people here. SOLON QUINN STUDIOS was the company filming and I’d worked with them-and Solon-before on a previous commercial via ANS at Destiny Mall in Syracuse, NY. Robyn Stockdale was the person who got SQS involved and I hadn’t seen her since a CAROLINE BLUE show several years back. One of the extras was Ann Sweet-who I’d worked with before- as with Kevin Darcy-who I worked with on a indie films called “Dying to Survive” and “Addict.” It’s always interesting to me what a small world the entertainment industry can be. There were also a few new faces, but I wasn’t able to get to talk to everyone individually for one reason or another. perhaps on other shoots.

-Anyway, I was told to change outfits and then I was given my prop as a shopper-a box of Huggies diapers, thus earning the nickname “Huggy.” 😀 This shoot was for two overnights and was a cakewalk for me. No lines-just background extra either walking by in front of the camera or in background shopping while main actors were the center of focus. The second night I was released early but hung around and was actually used again towards the end. Three separate times total. Hopefully at least one of these will make the final cut…

-I had fun and a good time at this shoot. I’m not sure when it will be released-I presume before year’s end. Keep an eye out on the Solon Quinn Studios page on You Tube (link below)


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