5/28/2017-ACTING-Recap From Zombie Con (Liverpool, NY)

A month or two ago I was contacted by Michael Alan Fitzgerald in regards to being at guest at this year’s Zombie Con in Liverpool, NY. After discussing particulars I agreed and then started to get things into motion. This would be the first time I would be at a convention at a table by myself-and I’ve only been to a handful previously-so I’m still a newbie per se to the convention scene. I basically wanted to replicate as close as I could the set up NoSS director Jonathan Straiton had at Monster-Mania in NJ back in March. I kinda got there 🙂 The TV I got (unfortunately not 1080 HD) is built in a way so when the stand is screwed on, the TV leans forward (?). I cheaply fixed that but it’s still kind of strange. I also got the same banner with my face on it that Jonathan had, but didn’t notice then or now (until someone pointed it out) that the quote on top of it could have used a spellcheck (“Goss” instead of “Gross”) 🙂 Then again, maybe it was like that due to space constraints.

-I arrived and was glad to see that I got a table next to an outlet. MAD ANGEL FILMS was to be at the table next to me, but they were filming on “Radiant Dark” at the Sterling Renaissance Faire (Mark J. Peek was also a guest but his table was elsewhere so MAF was represented) so that table was taken by THE PROFESSIONALLY UNPROFESSIONAL NERDCRAFTERS. As you can see from the pic, it’s kind of funny to see our two tables next to each other :). I had six movies to sell for this one (hopefully more at future cons)-NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE, SHE KILLS, Empire State of the Dead, TALES OF DRACULA, Locked In and (thanks to Greta Volkova) Bataille de Sang. Maybe next time I will have some pics as well.

-I had a good time both Michael F. and organizer Teddy C. Hanes would come by from time to time and make sure that things were going well and that I wasn’t having any problems. I met some great people here, as we;; as some familiar faces. Even saw Artist Azriel Mordecai who, underneath his jacket /main shirt-was a CAROLINE BLUE t-shirt. \m/

-I have to admit it was a little strange being at a table by myself-in part cause I was kind of used to being able to prowl around and meet / sell to people that way. I got to officially meet Actor Jeremy Ambler (of The Walking Dead fame) and we even shared a panel together (along with Mark P. and Greta V.) about being a zombie in films / TV. That was done by Michael and should be out sometime soon. Of course, I was being my usual cornball self 🙂

-I also was granted the opportunity to be interviewed by the G33KPOD Podcast for about 30 minutes-which really brought out the cornball 🙂 Of course, I talked too much and switched topics but hey-that’s me! 🙂 That should be out within a day or so online as well as on iTunes. -Another cool memory was having my image as Dracula sketched out-at the event-by Artist Brian R. Labelle. I found out when I was posting a pic on Instagram and saw that I was tagged in it-and yes, I had it by days end.

-Overall I had a great time and manage to sell a good number of DVDs-the main ones being Night of Something Strange and She Kills. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi and it was great seeing old friends and making new ones. Thanks again to both Teddy and Michael for having me here and look forward to future conventions with you guys.

-Pics from this can be seen on my acting page on Facebook.


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