4/13/2017-THINKING-Neil Bledsoe’s Time With The LA KISS

-This was a series of articles (each one being quite long actually) I discovered while lurking on the KISS FAQ MESSAGE BOARDS. It’s about actor Neil Bledsoe’s time with the LA KISS-an arena football team. Very informative IMO. Much of that involves reading about what it takes just to make the team, what had to be done and the thinking behind. What made me think even more is when Neil would be taking about his goals and aspirations-as well as those of others. They including people who rising stars and those who may have already been past their prime. Those who were reaching out to the top for the first time as well as those who missed a golden opportunity and doing everything they could to get another shot.

-What I found quite interesting was how all of this, in regards to athletes and sports, had so many parallels with those in the creative fields-actors, musicians, writers, painters, dancers and more. IMO, a lot can be taken away from this-as well as a lot to ponder. We all have our doubts-some more than others. There will be times when those doubts get louder. There will be times when you may say to yourself, ” I’ve been doing this for so long-can I really make this happen?” Only you can really answer that…

-PART 1: A Man, the Arena, and His First KISS of Fate

-PART 2: A Quixotic Bit of Foolery

-PART 3: Judgment Play

-PART 4: A Very Attractive Man of Great Sexual Power

-PART 5: Arena Dreams: In Search of 26 Riders

-PART 6: As a Realist, You Should Know Anything Can Happen

-PART 7: A Bully Comes to Town

-PART 8: KISS The Team Goodbye

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