3/2/2017-REVIEWS-“Night of Something Strange” Reviewed by Mr. Merchant for Slashershouse (France)

-Here’s a review (in French) of NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE from Mr. Merchant (no relation to NoSS’ Michael Merchant) for SLASHERSHOUSE. Reading this via Google Translate is a fun read 🙂 Thanks! \m/


-As a bonus-only on this site (in regards to promo of this), below is a copy of the review translated via Google Translate into English. C’est la vie. 😀

We had already been warned, necrophilia, it is wrong. This is what a redneck discovers, who takes advantage of the access to a morgue, decides to hit a corpse. Lack of bowl for him, the victim had a particularly voracious STD, turning the contaminated into zombies. Zombies infect people by raping them, which is reminiscent of Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead. Alas for the latter, although it was rather delirious in its genre, was too much, and had a tendency to forget the box gore, as well as use abundantly CGI badly fucked.

Luckily, here we are at Jonathan Straiton and Ron Bonk, a two-headed hydre of extreme bar-riddled-absurd cinema (and a small budget, $ 40,000 here). So we have 99% handmade, tripe and testicles appear to have been purchased directly from the butcher, added to many liters of false hemoglobin. Better, the films around the Spring Break American Pie way abound, but the two guys use this formula to better fuck in the air with the most repulsive horror. Beyond that, it is also a road movie, as young people move, pursued without knowing it by the redneck of the beginning, tracing one of it by its rules (it goes just to Eat one of the used pads she threw).
Night-of-Something-Strange-Vagina-DentataThat’s also fun, it’s the oozing machismo of male protagonists, which is exactly what becomes their weak point. A guy shit his girlfriend with the excuse of the blue balls to sleep with, get rearranged, then finishes fainted behind a dumpster dumpster where a bloody coat lands on the snout, insignificant beside the situation in which he will find himself A few minutes later, penis stuck in the anus of a zombie who does not want to let go. And this without counting other joys like a vagina dentata literal and tentacular or a penis a few meters. In other words, there is something for everyone, even for lovers of sadistic-anal jokes, although they are not too numerous, avoiding turning the reel into a product stamped Adam Sandler.

In short, vaginas, penis and anus take for their grade, from the first minutes besides, the redneck snatching the full hand of his wife’s vagina once it became zombie. One even comes to laugh when the hero advises the heroine to fire in the brain of the zombie, and then noticing the ineffectiveness, tells him to shoot in “the other brain”, recalling that the common mortal tends To think first with her sex and not her brain.
Night of Something Strange will not disappoint you if you want extreme zombie, and even more so if the goal is to make you laugh between friends. Conversely, if you look for something 28 days later, it is the antithesis.


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