-Flashback: #tbt -The year was 2011. This was when I made the decision to stop flirting with acting and go after it full time. The first film that I did when I started down that path was “Stone” by MAD ANGEL FILMS in association with Wendellvision Filmworks, WICKED SIX PRODUCTIONS and SoHo Boom! Productions. Yes, I did mention, previously, that I had done some small roles in “Night Run” and “Sins of a Father,” but they came about after I was signed up for “Stone.” In this film I played the role of Agent Pagano-an alien posing as an FBI Agent. I was in several scenes with lines so this was kind of my “breakout” role in a sense. It also included a number of firsts-like fighting in a suit in the rain (and then finding out that footage wasn’t used ). “Stone” was also the first movie I was in where my face was on the the actual DVD cover. (not case cover). This was originally shot in color, but then decided before release to put out in black and white (with some color inserts).

Starring Rocky Graziano, David J. Plescia, James Davall, Lauren Tearole, Alyssa LaQuay, James Cacciatore, Shanna Becker, Rachel Powers, Christopher Vincelette, Melissa Seelman, Christine Croft, Jameson Duross, Chris Fiore, Jay Salsberg, Marlissa Anne Caldwell, P.F. Labarbera, Jason A. Covey, Robert Burns, Lisa Graziano, Kirstin Impicciatore, Lia Martin, and some creepy guy wearing shades (again) named Wayne W. Johnson. πŸ™‚ Bonus-director Matt Peters also plays a role of a freaked out dealer named Benny which is worth the price of admission in itself πŸ™‚

“Stone” is available on DVD and video on demand-just click on the link to my STORE page on my website where the links to go watch / buy the film are at.



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Hiya-this is Wayne W. Johnson (WWJ) & thanks for dropping by to my site! I hope you enjoy your visit to my home away from home online. If you have any questions, comments and /or concerns about this site, please let me know via the CONTACT page. Thanks & best wishes to you & yours!
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