2/9/2017-FLASHBACK-Sins of a Father

-The year was 2011. Shortly after filming on “Night Run” from MAD ANGEL FILMS, yet before filming on “Stone” (Matt likes to film multiple productions at the same time apparently 🙂 , I was asked to play a principle role of a detective in a film called “Sins Of A Father.” Directed by Rachel Powers. In addition to that role, I also played three different extra roles in the film-a church goer, a family man out on a picnic and a mourner at a funeral. This film also seemed to continue a trend with me wearing sunglasses for every speaking role I was doing at the time 🙂

“Sins of a Father” is, as of this date, only released to cast and crew. Staring Rachel Powers, Kirstin F. Impicciatore, James Davall, Jazmine Fiore, Frederick Rice, Robin Sear, Marlissa Anne Caldwell, Jason A. Covey and many more.

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