7/3/2016-ACTING-Pics / Recap Up From Filming With “Mohawk” Last Month

-Last month (June 2016), I got notice of a production that was working in Syracuse-pretty much by a chance meeting. Jeff Meyer told me that the movie “Mohawk” was looking for someone to play a Native American role. While I’m not Native, I’ve been told I have the look to pull it off. Thru Jeff, I got in touch with Hugues Barbier and thru him in contact with producers Travis Stevens and Stephanie Trepanier. I sent my resume and, even though I wasn’t SAG, I was brought on board to play the role of Shona ‘Karakehte.

“Mohawk” is a film by Snowfort Pictures & Dark Sky Films. Directed by Ted Geoghggan-who’s last film “We Are Still Here” , which made the Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015 List from Rolling Stone Magazine as well as currently playing on Netflix. Here’s an excerpt from the press release for the movie via Entertainment Weekly (via this link after).

Writer-director Ted Geoghegan’s new film is an historical action-horror movie called Mohawk, it was announced Tuesday. The project stars Kaniehtiio Horn (Hemlock Grove) as a young member of the Mohawk people who, after a member of her tribe sets an American soldiers’ camp ablaze, is pursued by a ruthless band of renegades bent on revenge. Other cast members include wrestler Jon Huber, Justin Rain (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), Noah Segan (Starry Eyes) Ian Colletti (“Arseface” from AMC’s new show Preacher), Robert Longstreet (Take Shelter), Sheri Foster (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes).

Geoghegan cowrote Mohawk with novelist Grady Hendrix, author of 2014’s Horrorstör. The film is being produced by Greg Newman of Dark Sky Films and Travis Stevens of Snowfort Pictures.


-Within a week I was at the hotel being driven to location in Highland Park (Fabius, NY) with about half the cast. I was assigned a trailer with Sheri and actor Jack Gwaltney, who had been enlisted in this film after I was. I’d actually gone to the hotel a few days earlier for costume fitting and makeup testing (war paint). One interesting note was that, initially, I was told I’d be wearing a bald cap (Mohawk Indians are know for their, well, Mohawks ya know…) and maybe even have a slit on top so my regular hair could go thru that. I couldn’t cut it cause I have upcoming roles that require it. In the end, the decision was made to just braid it cause it would take too much time to set up and, even then, they didn’t know if it would work. Costuming was more to what I was used to wearing while doing this type of role. I basically had on a long shirt, some leggings, shoes (initially damp the first day but no worries) and a smile 🙂 Well, the shirt was long enough so I didn’t have to wear a breach, but I did have my boxer-briefs on so….It was pretty windy and cold both days I filmed. The first day I didn’t take a blanket between takes-I mean, when I was filming a weekend on “Night of Something Strange” and it was colder than this; then to immediately follow with filming on “To Have and To Hold” (a 20 million dollar film that, unfortunately, is still unreleased)…I was out in the cold, shirtless for five days. Of course, I’d forgotten that, as soon as I got back from filming on those in Virginia, I got really sick and was bedridden for two days straight. I’m a little older since then so, by the end of filming, I was starting to feel lethargic and basically went to bed when I got home, hoping to recover for the next day-a day in which I did NOT refuse to have a wool blanket between takes 🙂

-It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this type of set and, admittedly, I miss it. The cast and crew were all professional and wonderful. Unfortunately, I was only there for two days. It was a big scene that had virtually all the afford mentioned actors in it. I didn’t have any lines (not SAG), but I do something that is pivotal in the scene so…I obviously haven’t seen the final cut, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t one of those higher productions I’m in where it’s “blink and you miss me.” 🙂 I can’t really say much else until the movie is released. Likewise, I took some pics, but most I have to hold off posting till the film is out. Even then, I didn’t take much (shocking right?). I can say that in the scene squibs were involved and this was my first time being in a scene that involved them.

-As I mentioned earlier, all the people here were wonderful to work with and I appreciate all the help and encouragement I received. Special note to PA’s Nicole Rotunno & Sarah Grabman who made sure I got those blankets when I needed them, Thomas Salemi and Sam Galyon for getting me costumed properly (also actor Guy Gane) as well as helping me when I had “wardrobe malfunctions”, Brian Schade for making sure I used the weapons properly, Makeup dept. Ana Gabriela Quinonez, Benjamin Ploughman (who was on season 9 of “Face Off” btw…) and Heather Grippaldi-who all made sure I looked “pretty” and Brian Spears who made sure I didn’t 🙂 , sound guys Michael McFadden & David Phelishifter-who made sure that the recorder was “OFF” whenever I spoke 🙂 , Travis Stevens , Hugues Barbier & Stephanie Trepanier for making sure I was taken care of, and Ted Geoghegan, who made it so easy for me to do the scenes and is one of the most patient and easiest directors I’ve worked for to date. And, of course, all the actors mentioned above as well-it was great to be working and reacting to you all in that scene. Thank you all very much and hopefully we’ll work together on future productions.

“Mohawk” doesn’t have a FB page yet, but they do have a page on IMDb via the following link below. I’ll be back when the movie is released to offer more commentary 🙂


-Also, I wasn’t able to take too many pics, but the ones I took and can be shown are on my acting page on Facebook.


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