5/25/2016-ACTING-Appearing as Count Dracula in Silent / Black & White Film “Bataille De Sang (Battle of Blood)-The Vampire DeBlood vs. Count Dracula”

-Looks like I will be reprising my role, in a way, as Dracula in the short film “Bataille De Sang (Battle of Blood)-The Vampire DeBlood vs. Count Dracula” by THE HORROR OF IT ALL Productions. Not only is this film in black & white, but is also a silent film-my first. I said “in a way” earlier because the Dracula in the DeBlood universe is different than the one from TALES OF DRACULA so yes, I’ll have a different look and approach to the role for this one. This will also pick up where the film “Curse of the Vampire” (2015) left off (which is also done in black & white and silent). For those interested in that approach and this film, click on the link below.

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