12/31/2015-UPDATES-2015 Year In Review

-It’s that time of year again. Yep, the last day of 2015 and with it, my year in review post. I don’t think this will be as long as last years, but it’s still gonna be lengthy (come on-it’s me! πŸ™‚ ) For anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve been doing these things on and off with me and CAROLINE BLUE since the My Space days. I mainly do it for fun and maybe even for reference material when I finally get around to writing “WAYNE-THE BOOK.” πŸ™‚

-Overall, this was a year filled with a number of changes for me, although you wouldn’t know it if you read most of my public posts. It’s pretty much private stuff (even though, having said that, there are a few places that show some of these changes), but for the most part, this year has been about laying the groundwork for a number of projects in store for 2016-and hopefully I can get them all done! I really need to find a way to clone myself…:)

-One of the big changes came in the first few months of 2015 with the death of my battle wagon (see post by clicking HERE). The loss of my main source of transportation set off a chain of events that was the catalyst for a number of the changes I went through this year. I’m happy to say that currently, I’m on an upswing and look forward to reaching higher and higher.

-One of the mainstays for 2015 is my relationship with Le Deb. (That’s us in the main pic above BTW). She is so wonderful and loving-as well as miraculously being able to put up with all my setbacks and tribulations. Our relationship is growing stronger and is a definite cornerstone to my foundation. My cat Scruffy is still a big one and doing well. He’ll be turning four in 2016. He’s such a cute little boy πŸ™‚

-Not too much happening with music for me in 2015-at least publicly anyways. I did get asked to join a few different bands. That’s always nice to have happen and, while I appreciate it, my scheduling didn’t allow it at this time. I will say that the groundwork is being laid for a number of things to happen musically for me / CAROLINE BLUE in 2016. I know I said during last year’s recap that I’d have the new CAROLINE BLUE site up this year, but it’s so damn big (that’s what she said-HA!). It’s getting closer to relaunch so keep an eye out for it.

-On the acting front, things were a little slower this year. I wasn’t in as many roles as last year (and we won’t even compare the amount to 2012-2013), but, having said that, the roles I did have this year were bigger (for the most part). Here’s a brief recap of what I got done w/ acting in 2015.

-Early 2015 saw the launch of episode 1 of STAR TREK ABSOLUTION-an animated series based in the Star Trek Next Generation / Voyager universe. This is a voice over role and I voiced the part of Lt. Kal-Del (as well as his twin brother). I actually did the voice work for episode 2 in the beginning of 12/2015 and, hopefully, episode 2 will be released in the coming months.

-I then found out my face made an appearance in a music video by a band called The Others for the song ‘Heart of Darkness,’ which was used in the soundtrack for the feature film TALES OF DRACULA I play the role of Dracula in this. The film was released around mid 2015 and has gotten some great reviews. I also did some interviews (video, podcasts and written) where my role as Dracula was highlighted. They can be seen on the INTERVIEWS page and can also be read on the interviews / reviews section of the ACTOR page. ‘Tales of Dracula’ is on Alpha Home Entertainment and can be bought via the STORE link. It was also cool that reviews of the film made it onto some national magazines (Scary Monsters & Videoscope).

-In relation to this, ‘Tales of Dracula: The Wolfman vs Dracula’ has been announced and I will be reviving my role as Dracula in it. A funding page has been posted and filming is projected to start sometime in 2016. Included in this film are two actors from the original Frankenstein moves of the 1930s-1940s-Donnie Dunagan (β€œSon of Frankenstein (1939) ) and Janet Ann Garlow (β€œGhost of Frankenstein” (1942) ).

-Click HERE to help fund ‘Tales of Dracula: The Wolfman vs Dracula’

-Filming was completed for G. KHAN where I play the role of Genghis Khan, and released online-which can be seen below. A short film which allowed me to show a little of my goofy side. And yes folks, the stache is a fake πŸ™‚

-I then did some quick filming in Utica on PLANEWALKER where I played the role of an alien murderer named Reaper. On this one I wore fake teeth for the first time, as well as FX contacts-always a fun thing to have on when fighting in the dark :). A trailer has already been released and if you check, you can see me briefly twice. ‘Planewalker’ is set for a 2016 release.

-I then got a roll as a lead biker in a spec commercial for Old Parr Whiskey-how’s that for a switch? πŸ™‚ I haven’t done too many commercials (my hair interferes with my getting commercial jobs for the most part) so when I got offered this, I went for it. The commercial didn’t get picked up, but it did get put up online for all 5 of you reading this to see πŸ™‚

Old Parr Scotch Whiskey from ViRTUAL INTERACTiVE on Vimeo.

-After this came the biggest acting job I was involved with this year-ROMEO 3000. Not only was I one of the lead actors in this (Tybalt), but also a co-writer and co-producer. Filming took place in a two and a half month period. This was definitely quite the experience for me, as well as one of the most intense on several levels. I got injured a few times and there were days where my physical limits were heavily tested. I received a number of praises for my work on the script from several sources-which is a great feeling. The dialogue all has a “touch of Shakespeare” in it, so it wasn’t easy for the cast, including myself, to perform. However, doing stuff like this, IMO, is how we grow and improve and hopefully this helped to do that. ‘Romeo 3000’ is scheduled for a late 2016 release.

-The final acting job I did was a small one, but a high profile one. I played a bouncer in a major motion picture called AMERICAN DRESSER that was filmed in Syracuse. Starring Tom Berenger, Keith David, Gina Gershon and Penelope Ann Miller among others. I was in a scene with director Carmine Cangialosi and was elevated to Featured Extra when I had to break up a fight between him and a few others. Last I heard, this film was scheduled to be released in February 2016. Hope my scene didn’t get cut πŸ™‚

NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE (NoSS) released a new trailer and had a cast / crew release in VA which I was unable to attend. Last I knew this was scheduled to be released in 2015. I play the role of the lead zombie Corneilus in this one and, well, let’s just say I think many people will be surprised at what I had to do in this one πŸ™‚ This might be a double feature with SHE KILLS (where I had a quick cameo roll in. I saw that cast / crew premiere in Syracuse and it’s quite whacked πŸ™‚ NoSS is getting some interesting press-witness this “review video” of the trailer…

-A trailer for ‘Slade Collins In & Out of Time’ was released (I play the role of Captain James T. Morris in this), but sadly, no release as of 2015. Rumor has it that it will be out sometime around mid 2016.

AKA ALICE was released in 2015, where I played the role of Bryce-an enforcer. It was fun to go back to a role that I usually played in the 2011-12 era. Click on the STORE link to order your copy of it.

-A trailer was also released for ‘Empire State of the Dead’-where I play one of my favorite roles to date, Draven, a psychotic killer. This was part of a zombie short film contest and I wore skull makeup in this, as well as saying some rather “interesting” lines πŸ™‚ This one is scheduled for a 2016 release.

-Another film I was in released in 2015 was ‘Brackish,’ where I played the role of Merlock-an evil cultist who just also happens to be the sheriff of the town the kids in this film visit.

-A number of films / projects I’ve done that have yet to appear (and which I have no idea when they will get released) include THE DOLLMAKER, Transformation, Slow Food, King of The Neighborhood, To Have and To Hold, Crimson Moon, IRIS, F.I.T. to Survive, Losing Grace, Landing music video, Bread & Savagery (STNV) among others. THE CHALLENGER is done and out, but only to select festivals at this time. BRIARWOOD got a premier, but no release on DVD as of yet. I’ve heard that an episode I did for STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES called ‘The Holiest Thing’ is set to be released soon. I was told ‘Zillafoot’ is almost done and would be hopefully released in 2016. Footage of my role as Buddy in ‘The Ferryman’ appeared in extended trailer / promo for actor Ari Barkan (see below).

Ari Barkan in "The Ferryman" from Josef Abramov on Vimeo.

-On deck are two possible projects with MAD ANGEL FILMS, possibly a third one, some filming in Utica in June, the afford mentioned ‘Tales of Dracula: The Wolfman vs. Dracula,’ as well as more voice over work with Star Trek: Absolution. I also have some roles waiting for me to do in PA in the coming year. Not too much, but there will be more that pop up as the year goes on. This is good for now. I can’t get too busy-unless I get that cloning machine πŸ™‚

-To wrap things up, 2015 overall was a challenging year for me. There were times where things were really getting rough. However, those challenges helped me start to lay the groundwork for several things that I’m working on. If you want a hint, check out one of my interviews where I mention what it takes for me to be a “happy boy” πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to continuing the foundations I laid in 2015 into the new year. I want to take this time to wish everyone a happy 2016 and a very sincere thank you to all those who support me in my creative endeavors. It’s deeply appreciated. Keep striving towards the stars and make it happen!

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