9/13/2015-ACTING-Pick Up Shots For ‘Brackish’ Continues

-09/13/2015-Almost one year ago I did some filming for the film ‘Brackish'(MAD ANGEL FILMS)-which is a remake of the original ‘Brackish’ from MAF back in 2007. I play the part of Merlock although, arguably, it could be said that I play three roles in one (You have to see the film to see what I mean). This was a few pick up shots that were either not done up to par or weren’t done at all a year ago. I’m glad I still had my evil cult leader costume from back then, but outside of the hood, I didn’t really need it. Good thing cause last year’s filming kinda caused a mess of it. 🙂 I was just happy I could get into the sheriff’s outfit-I’ve become a little bigger than I was last year… Filming didn’t take too long-although we did get a nice little video clip of me in the midst of an equipment malfunction that will be a nice addition to the blooper reel. Filming went by fairly quickly for me and the others. I might have one more pick up to do here. Pics will soon be posted on my Acting page on Facebook later tonight.


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