8/19/2015-ACTING-Pics / Recap From Fourth Week Filming With ‘Romeo 3000’ Now Online.

(Pic by Jamie Morgan)

-8/15/2015-This day would be one of the longest for the R3000 cast & crew. It started off in Syracuse at The Landmark Theater-who graciously allowed us to film scenes of the costumed ball here. This was a perfect location for it and we were all honored to be allowed to film here. However, to quote someone who was here, one of the spirits of the Montague must have sabotaged the cooling systems here 🙂 In almost every shot I did here, there was a least one time I was saying a line and I could feel a bead of sweat running down my nose-plus my monocle slipped a few times in mid-line 🙂 We all got thru it pretty well though. It was great to see the turnout of extras as well as the costumes-some of them were better than what we had! 🙂 Everyone was pretty patient as well, not so easy for non actors who may not be familiar with the old “hurry up and wait” mantra in the filming world. The majority of the cast was here as well and, as you can see, a pic was taken of everyone who was there.

-The highlight for me was to actually be in a few quick scenes with my love Le Deb. It’s really cool to have her get a taste of what I , and the other actors and crew, have to go thru to make something like this. It’s not as easy as it looks, nor as glamorous. We also filmed a few additional things for something that will, hopefully, be released around the same time as the actual film. And, while it’s not 100% confirmed, it looks like it might be quite possible that ‘Romeo 3000’ will have a premiere (or at least one of them) right at The Landmark Theater.

-After this, we broke for lunch / dinner before heading out for more filming at a warehouse in Utca, NY. I basically had to change in all three of my costumes today and they were a soaking mass of sweat when all was said and done. We blasted thru the scenes for here, although I know of at least one scene that has to be, in part, re-shot. Then we had to do some shooting outside. I was actually very surprised when Berndele (Mercutio) walked right by two cops while holding his sheathed rapier-and they didn’t bat an eye. Typical night in Utica I guess 🙂 I didn’t get back into Syracuse until around 1:30 AM or so-with call in Utica being at 9 AM and an hour drive.

-8/16/2015-As anyone who knows me can tell you, I was a little late for that call time (Noooooo! 🙂 ). At least the shirt for the costume I had to wear today was washed-otherwise not all the Axe (AKA “Shower in a Can” ) in Utica could save the cast & crew from “da odor amongus” 🙂 We first went to a location that had been previously used for ‘Slade Collins: In & Out of Time.’ No one was allowed inside any longer due to another production (so I heard) so we made due outside. At least it was a little cooler outside. I still take the longest to get into costume-no matter which one it is so….We then went to another location in Little Falls where filming was done for ‘Slade Collins & The Tree of Life.’ Last time I was here was in the dead of winter fighting with Ryan Santiago on a patch of ice. Freezing before, melting now-what memories huh? 🙂 This didn’t take too long though and we got all the stuff needed done before 6 PM. Then came the long trek home.

-This was one of the longest weeks for filming-with another big one coming up this coming weekend. While I admit there were a couple of scenes I’d like to redo cause I didn’t think I hit my mark as well, I’m my worse critic and anyone who I did make mention of this too said I did good so time will tell I guess. Big thanks and kudos for everyone who was involved this past weekend. We’re getting closer to getting done and then comes the long path of post production.

-Pics from last week’s filming can be seen on my acting page on Facebook via the link below


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