8/5/2015-ACTING-Pics / Recap of Second Week Filming on ‘Romeo 3000’ Now Online

The House of Capulet (L. to R.)-Juliet (Jennifer Lefsyk), Wayne W. Johnson (Tybalt), Chrsitina Foster (Lady Capulet), Jay Salsberg (Lord Capulet), Shelia O’Shea (Nanny). Pic by Jamie Morgan.

-08/01-08/02/2015-This week of filming found us filming at the beautiful “HILLCREST” JEPHSON ESTATE in Casenovia, NY. This place is just gorgeous and perfect to show the House of Capulet. There was an overnight stay with some cast / crew-as more were coming in to work and / or be filmed. I once again had to bring 2 of the three outfits. I’d just realized that the one outfit that takes me around 35+ minutes to get into requires me, at least currently, only be filmed in it at 5-10 minutes at a time. Gotta love it huh? 🙂 We were running so ahead of time on Saturday that we managed to shoot out two additional scenes that were to be filmed on Sunday as well as throwing in a quick scene that was made up on the spot. There were some adaptations that had to be made-such as making extra careful that my sword didn’t hit anything here.

-I, for one, was so glad that not only were there fans in the rooms, but also AC in the main staging area. Even then, I was still sweating profusely-easy to do with three layers of costuming on. Again, the cast blasted thru their dialogue-although there were a few “blooper” moments that hopefully will be seen in a blooper reel. One thing I keep doing at these shooting is coming very close to losing the ring I wear. Matt found it just before filming ended on Sunday.

-In addition, Jason Emerson from the CAZENOVIA REPUBLICAN newspaper was down here doing a story / interview for the film. I missed him the first time cause I was too busy talking to someone (Noooo-really? What a shocker-HA!), but he came back later and talked his ear off during the dinner break-to the point where I had to go do a costume change and I totally missed out on dinner! Oh well-maybe that will teach me. No? 🙂 The write up just hit online and can be seen at the link below


-And as quickly as this weekend started, it was over. Great job by all cast and crew. It’s so cool to see you guys make this thing come to life and to be a part of it. Big thanks to not only to Jason from the Cazenovia Republican for tolerating my non-stop talking :), but also to Brian and Linda Osbourne for allowing us to film at such a wonderful location.

-Next week, we film in a more typical Mad Angel Film location 🙂 Pics can be seen on my Acting page on Facebook


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