8/1/2015-ACTING-Pics / Recap From First Day Of Filming With ‘Romeo 3000’ Now Online

-Pics from the first day of Principle Photography for the feature film ROMEO 3000 (by MAD ANGEL FILMS in association with YELLOWHOUSE CNY and WWJ PRODUCTIONS) are now up on my acting page on Facebook. Click on the link after my recap below…

07/26/2015-Thus starts Day One of filming on ‘Romeo 3000’. The setting for this was at Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, NY. The exact location was the ruins of a hotel that, to reach, requires a 1.6 mile hike uphill on a dirt / rocky road. I had to wear two of my three costumes for this day so I had them in a suitcase that had rollers on it. The case was about 40+ lbs. Then I also had a backpack that was heavy. Director Matt Peters also had to carry camera gear so we basically were left behind quickly on the hike. In fact, due to the weight, me and Matt had to make frequent stops. The road is more rocks than dirt. By the time I reached the top, I was pretty much covered in sweat and sore. Great way to start out filming huh?

-Then we started to all get changed and film. Basically all open areas so it was like changing in a theater environment. However, we all noticed the difference between that and here with all the little gnats that were flying around. You’d think we were filming in a breeding house for them or something. And while we were all hot and sweating, it could’ve been worse cause it wasn’t too humid this day so we got lucky. Filming, overall, went pretty quickly. John Mac Schnurr, Jennifer Lefsyk and Bela Ajtai all did great and I hope I was up to par with them. We also had Jamie Morgan helping out with boom micing and Lizzie Curtis with costuming. Our hiking host Jason A. Covey was also here to make sure that all went according to his evil master plan 🙂

-Then came time to go downhill. I was told it would be easier-and it was. However, doing that meant hitting the rocks harder. On top of that, halfway thru it started to rain heavily so by the time I (and Jamie Morgan, who was carrying some of my smaller items) reached the bottom, it was like a drenched rat had emerged (see the pics for proof). Then having to be in a car for over three hours in wet clothes. On top of that, the luggage violently twisted my right wrist at least four times going downhill so I got injured via that as well. Still, IMO, better than the best of doing the nine to five grind 🙂

-We’re off to a great start filming wise (and did a lot of “character building” on top of it) and I’m looking forward the the next week of filming.


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