4/6/2015-ACTING-Last Day Filming on ‘G. Khan’

-Today was the last of four days straight filming (six total for me) on the short film ‘G. Khan’ by Desolatte Productions. I played the role of ‘Genghis Khan’ in this. Pics are up on my acting page on Facebook (see link at the bottom). Below is a recap from those four days. 🙂

-04/03/2015-This was the start of a four day shoot. This day started out at one of dorms . Two new additions to the cast were being dressed up, Luo Lan & Jacky. This day I would be playing Genghis Khan in a more ‘traditional way’ as well as the only outdoor shoot. After we were done, we drove to location-which was pretty close to where I filmed ‘The Ferryman’ last year. Unlike that time, the ground was still damp and, in several places, quite muddy. My loafers got glued to a mud patch, causing me to step into mud. Poor Becky D. got her foot down to the ankle sucked in mud at one point and couldn’t move. But we managed to finally get to the area for filming, only to find we could’ve taken a shorter, drier path there 🙂 We only had a few scenes to shoot, but between set up for different angles and other things, it took awhile. All the time it was getting darker & colder. Most of our feet were frozen by the time the fire started. By the time we got to the last shot, we had just enough daylight to finish things when we started hearing some strange noises in the distance out of sight. That led to screaming and at one point someone yelling “Get back to the car!” Could it be a horror film being done, or not. After a one take made and hearing more of those noises getting closer, the decision was made to tear down and leave. We got out and I believe one of the crew even called the police afterwards. Hopefully it was either more filming or some pranksters or what not…

-04/04/2015-Back to indoors for day 2. Two more new actors were on set today-Edward Mastin & John Krenrich-as well as Devin Carey on crew. This was more a continuation of what we had filmed before. These guys were pretty experienced and it’s always good to watch how others do their thing-whether it be cast or crew. We got a lot done this day and basically got back on schedule for everything. My stache was starting to get loose more & more. I thought spirit gum was suppose to be sticker than this. The last 3-4 days I hardly had to use the remover at all. And I did put a lot of spirit gum on both myself and the stache, waited it to be sticky, etc. Maybe it’s just me…Also very cool to meet one of the advisers for this-Dan Foster-who has been on crew for productions such as ‘Titanic’, ‘Cabin In The Woods’ and ‘The Avengers.’ He’d seen the footage (rough) and I got a nice compliment on my acting, as well as saying I should use A LOT more Axe spray n shower (HA!) 🙂

-04/05/2015-Day 3. Back to me and ‘Beethoven’ (AKA Tim Wood). We had to finish up the scenes with Tim in it, as well as a bunch of B-Movie stuff with me. This one took a little while, but we got thru it. I think I put on several lbs due to all the candy & chips I was eating 🙂 I even got to show off my (lack of) dancing skills towards the end of this one 🙂 This was a day that a BTS camera would’ve been quite handy… I did get some more nice compliments on my acting-and I didn’t even have to pay someone to do it this time 🙂

-04/06/2015-Last day of filming on ‘G. Khan.’ The last day of filming is always bittersweet. It went by pretty fast. This was one of those days were, being the ‘bad guy’ who gets to warm warm clothes in the winter (while the heroes / victims wear summer clothes) turned against me. You get thru it though. I felt bad for Josh though cause he had to use that stedicam with all that weight hooked on it, which can put a lot of pressure on your hips and legs. We all got thru it though and, before we knew it, it was a wrap.

-I was told that there might be a premiere for this as early as around the first week of May. It was great meeting & working with everyone involved in this production and hopefully will work with them again in future productions. Extra thanks to Prash for recommending me to be in this (next year another one w/ me having a stache again right? 🙂 ) and director Lee Wilson for putting up with my ego (“I told you I need to be in my hot tub for 15 minutes between EACH take! I can’t work under these conditions!” 🙂 All joking aside, I hope that the footage turns out well and look forward to seeing the final product.

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